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  • ANZ bluenotes managing editor Andrew Cornell had the fascinating opportunity to meet Singapore's former Prime Minister, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, at ANZ’s Finance and Treasury Forum in Singapore.

    Shared here is ESM Goh's opening address, which examines all things China-US, including a concept called the Thucydides trap:

    "Basically, this means an incumbent power and a rising power cannot avoid conflict."

    Goh on China, the US & a looming Thucydides trap

    In this, the first a two-part series, we share ESM Goh's opening address at the forum. Later we'll publish the highly animated Q&A which followed. " The two worlds [China and the US] are colliding - there will be disruption, collateral damage and grief." China is an emerging power.

  • Daniel Gradwell and Joanne Masters, Senior Economists at ANZ Research, discuss the falling housing market, ending on a relatively positive note:

    "It is also worth noting that falling house prices are actually a positive for many young people and first home buyers. Deposit affordability has been improving in Sydney and Melbourne in line with the drop in prices, although it is still a significant challenge."

    Housing is weak but it won't last forever

    ANZ Research still expects prices will fall nationwide by around 4 per cent in 2018 and 2 per cent in 2019. Most of this weakness will occur in Sydney and Melbourne which are forecast to fall by around 10 per cent peak to trough.

  • Erica Hardinge, Head of Security Enablement at ANZ, interviews Alicia Kozakiewicz to highlight the importance of online security and vigilance and ANZ's commitment to Stay Smart Online Week:

    "Kozakiewicz says parents must sit down and talk about internet safety with their children as they do other safety issues: 'as a parent, you can’t just let your child find their way in this world – you teach them to wear a seatbelt, look both ways when crossing the road, don’t touch a hot pot.' "

    Alicia and a story of online safety

    Being safe online is as important for people at home as it is at work.

  • Christina Tonkin examines the transition towards green finance:

    "ANZ sees green finance as a business opportunity and has done so for some time. The bank appointed its first sustainable finance banker six years ago and has steadily grown the team."

    The $US11trn green finance opportunity

    Green finance offers a huge opportunity for banks willing to get involved in the burgeoning sector.

  • Mark Bennett discusses the drought currently affecting NSW and QLD, and the importance of good business practice to enable farmers to come out the other side:

    "While it’s important to highlight the hardship, it’s equally critical to remember there are also farmers applying well-considered business practices to make certain their farms get through to the next season."

    Light at the end of the drought

    Drought is not new and neither is the strength of Australia's farmers.

  • Andrew Cornell interviews Nathan Parkin from Ethical Partners about Ethical Investments. “We want to invest in everyday businesses that happen to have higher standards. We could invest in any business really – a paint business or a paper recycling business or a bank - so long as there are good standards around how business is done.”

    Doing right and making money when investing

    "We believe there isn't a sacrifice for investing in-line with [our] values," Parkin says. "We have the capability and the investment credentials to buy the right companies at the right price and have them pass our ethical filters." Parkin says it's just as important for Ethical Partners to be a performance-focused investor and deliver outcomes for clients.

  • "AI will introduce some extraordinarily complex challenges. Think about how we might program a self-driving car."

    The very idea of AI is courageous. And exciting. And scary.

    I'm a fan of that classic parody of parliamentary life Yes, Minister. Particularly the acerbic adviser Sir Humphrey whose response to his minister's ambitious vision and bold plans was inevitably "courageous decision Minister".


    “Yammer is the enterprise social network (ESN) that our people chose to replace our existing ESN after conducting a human centered design user research process last year.”

    ANZ gives Yammer to its 20,000 Aussie staff

    ANZ has switched on Microsoft enterprise chat service Yammer for its 20,000 Australian staff, with plans to expand it to the entire organisation. The bank's enterprise social network community manager Richard Cartmell revealed in a LinkedIn post that the project had gone live on Monday this week.


    "Sponsorship has material benefits. People with sponsors are 19-23% more likely to be satisfied with their career advancement than their unsponsored colleagues. If you have a sponsor, you are 22-30% more likely to ask for a pay rise or a stretch assignment than your colleagues without one."

    To Secure a Sponsor, You Need to be Seen

    I spent two days last week at Women in Finance Australia, gleaning inspiration from a room full of of amazing women (and a couple of enlightened men). Amongst all the great content there was a recurring theme: sponsorship.

  • “If external ambiguity is the new normal, internal ambiguity is the new enemy. In other words, as the world becomes more difficult to understand and predict, there is a greater need for shared clarity in organizations. "

    Prepare For What's Next With Clarity And Purpose

    What are the biggest shifts you see happening in your environment over the next five years? What are the implications of those shifts on the kind of leadership you need to sustain your organization and prosper? We asked these questions to 130 leaders across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

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