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  • The key to a successful #data-driven culture: Accelerated AI-driven #insights. Organizations today are looking beyond factual insights and often need additional support to analyse reports in the business context and decide the next course of action. Given the inherent gaps in present-day BI technologies, organizations fail to realize the dream of a data-driven culture and have started looking for ways to make their BI applications more efficient and effective. Read our latest #whitepaper by Sushant Ajmani and Smriti Misra as they explain the true potential of #AI and #ML to help organizations analyse massive data at high speed to produce clear, contextual, and useful insights. #Course5i #Analytics #BusinessIntelligence #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearninig #BI Course5 Whitepaper: Building a Data-Driven Culture With AI-powered Insights for…

  • Discover the future with Course5 Compass. #Course5Compass brings together the brightest minds in #analytics, #insights, and #AI to share the best practices and ideas on how businesses today can redefine themselves to solve some of the complex problems of tomorrow. In this podcast, find out: - How organizations today can get quick actionable insights? - What are some of the ways AI can assist organizations in #competitiveintelligence? And more. Join David McBride, Joseph Sursock, and Bhavneet Sekhon as they unleash the power of #data that businesses can use to drive competitive advantage. Listen now: #Course5i #Podcast

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    Welcome to the 2019 IIEX North America Conference Series. Recorded live in Austin, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year's event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Manish Mittal, Senior Vice President - Business Head at Course5.

  • The Power of Pricing - Turning the competitor's historical pricing into an advantage. A leading cloud vendor had been successfully capturing the current pricing of Competitor's products but did not have access to the historical pricing. They also faced challenges in comparing and analyzing a huge set of pricing data as they did not have the right tools. Course5 worked with the client to better understand the price gaps and identify competitor price reduction patterns and trends helping them strategize their pricing approach. Read more here: #Course5i #CaseStudy #CompetitorAnalysis #Analytics #Insights #PricingAnalysis

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    Cloud Vendor Historical Pricing Analysis Industry : Information Technology The client wanted to search and capture the historical pricing for competitor's cloud products from 2014 to 2018, benchmark, compare and analyze the price change trend on monthly basis....

  • Demystifying the Cybersecurity Landscape. A leading global standards developing organization needed help in understanding the cybersecurity standards landscape, which is presently too complex and fragmented for organizations to even adopt. What #insights did Course5 Intelligence provide and how did it help our client to identify the gaps in #cybersecurity standards and certifications? Read case-study here: #Course5i #Casestudy #CyberThreat #AI #Analytics #Security #Technology

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    Cybersecurity Standards Landscape Industry : Information Technology The report helped the client gain insights into the cybersecurity standards activities of organizations, alliances, and companies, and assisted the client in planning their new standards or specifications ...

  • Course5 honoured with the National #BestEmployerBrand - 2019 #Award! We are proud to be recognized by WORLD HRD Congress and ET NOW as a National Best Employer Brand - 2019! This award recognizes top organizations across India with the best practices in Employer branding. Course5's focus has always been to keep our Coursers engaged and motivated all the time to create the best work culture and encourage #innovation and creativity. Kudos to all Coursers! #Course5i #Whrd #WorldHRDcongress #Recognition

  • Set up every ad campaign for success with Gartner-recognized Adomate, our #AI-based ad optimization solution. Connect with Manish Mittal and Varun Vig at the Quirk's event in London to learn more about how Course5’s Adomate can help your marketing, advertising, and #insights teams hugely step up campaign impact and ROI. Schedule a meeting @ Quirk's Marketing Research Review #Course5i #MRX #QuirksEvent #QuirksLondon #MarketResearch #ConsumerInsights Course5 Intelligence at Quirk's London


    Course5 enables organizations to make the most effective strategic and tactical decisions related to their customers, markets, and competition. We drive digital transformation through analytics, insights, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Spotlight: Course5 features in the recent Forrester report - Now Tech: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2020. We are proud to achieve this recognition, which is a testament to our cutting-edge solutions in the #insights space #Course5i #Analytics #AI

  • Cherishing an Exhilarating Year: Course5’s 2019 Journey Here’s looking back with pride and joy at the fabulous year that 2019 was! We won #awards as a company, our products won high analyst recognition, we charted new courses and all of us worked crazy hard to achieve our own and our clients’ ambitious goals! Take a look. #Course5i #Innovation #Digital #Insights #AILabs #Analytics

  • How #innovation is changing the #analytics landscape? Adobe’s Analysis Workspace was a breakthrough innovation for #digital analytics. In this part of the #blog series, David McBride reaches out to Ben Gaines, Director of Product Management at Adobe to understand how they allowed their teams to innovate and create a comprehensive tool that made it stand out from its competition. Read More: #Course5i #Insights #DAA Digital Analytics Association Innovation in Analytics: Part 1 – Belief

  • Why do organizations need #AugmentedAnalytics? What value does it add to the business? Organizations today have increased expectations of predictability and configurability of the narrative #insights which they consume on a regular basis. In this latest article, Sushant Ajmani demystifies Augmented Analytics in today's business ecosystem. #Course5i #Blog #Course5Discovery #NLP #NLG #Analytics #DATA

    Predictability and Configurability defines the new wave of narrative insights consumption

    Augmented Analytics, NLP, NLG and Graph Analytics were the top trends of 2019. In last 3 years, "Augmented analytics continues to move up the hype cycle with earlier adopters realizing benefits from early deployments.

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