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  • Learn how Crothall is saving people, our planet and pennies.

    Saving People, Planet and Pennies

    How Crothall Healthcare's EVS Team at a large California rehabilitation hospital is saving people, our planet and pennies

  • Superbugs are the new villain in our fight against infections acquired during hospital stays.

    Disinfectants and Superbugs

    Crothall Healthcare Expert, Rich Feczko, shares How We're Using Disinfectants to Fight Superbugs

  • What's better, using soap and water or hand sanitizer? Learn from our expert on the Crothall blog.

  • Crothall associate Alexis Green discusses how she provides a Welcome Experience in her role.

    Alex Green on the Welcome Experience

    During Alexis Green's time at Parkland, she was committed to providing a welcoming experience for all. We interviewed her here:

  • Hurricane season begins on June 1st for the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, so it's time now for Crothall to start preparing. Learn about how our team works hard to get ready for any natural disaster that may come.

  • Everyone in healthcare understands that keeping patients continually flowing through a hospital means a smoother, more effective and even a more profitable facility. As hospitals continue looking for ways to improve in this area, Crothall’s Patient Transportation (PT) division is an important spoke in this wheel.

  • Falling down at home is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults 65 and older. Learn how to make your home safe for elderly care.

    How to Make Your Home Safe for Elderly Care

    I've become friends with a neighbor in his 70s who collects antiques. He lives alone, and I've been trying to help him make his home safe, but his vast collection of Oriental rugs has made it quite a challenge. He has rugs on top of rugs and won't part with them, no matter what I suggest.

  • We asked Ed what a Welcome Experience means to him, and he said, "working with people to reach a common goal makes me feel like we accomplished something. It feels good. I wanted other people to experience that. I want people to feel welcomed, wanted and that they matter. Read more about Ed's story on our blog.

    Ed Moyer on the Welcome Experience

    Ed Moyer, Crothall Healthcare Associate on the Welcome Experience

  • How does an MRI work? Does it use radiation? What’s the life span? Is it safe for me? All your questions are answered on our blog!

    What Does an MRI Do?

    Crothall Healthcare Expert, Ronnie Ellis, Explains What an MRI Machine Does

  • We’re all aware of the significant impact Crothall’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion is having on our company’s success. But Jose has shared how it's changed his family in particular. Because of some exciting career opportunities offered to them in the past 13 years, himself, his brother, sister and cousin are all working and thriving at Crothall.

    A Family Affair - Our Path to Success

    Crothall Healthcare Associate Shares His Family Story, A Family Affair - Our Path to Success

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