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  • Read how our DevOps team supercharged their productivity while also optimizing infrastructure for performance and cost.

    Reactive Infrastructure with Pre-emptive Auto-scaling

    By Neeraj Khandelwal and Vikas Saini, DevOps Team, Hike We at Team Hike believe in giving the youth a new way to express themselves and the freedom to choose the way they communicate with their close friends. We understand that it is important for our users to be able to communicate seamlessly.

  • Read all about #simplifying #DataExploration and driving #business impact at

    Democratising Data Insights at Hike - Hike Blog

    By Analytics @ Hike In mid-2018, our founder/CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal, as part an organisational decision to go 'Back to Basics', highlighted the need to re-think our systems and re-build our culture with one big loaded question: "How do we supercharge the productivity of our teams so that they can move incredibly fast, take high-quality decisions, to build incredible experiences that our users will absolutely love?"

  • We're moving from Super Apps to Multi Apps.

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    Kavin Mittal redraws game plan, to unbundle Hike

    From one super app for youth, the company is looking at a wider market with multiple apps

  • 2019 is all about moving from Super Apps to Multi Apps

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    Hike to launch multiple apps in 2019 - ET Telecom

    NEW DELHI: Kavin Bharti Mittal-driven social and technology company Hike on Thursday said that the company is looking at launching multiple apps through 2019. "In 2019, we continue to double down on both social and content but we're going to do it with an evolved approach.

  • 2019: Multi Apps > Super App

    2019: Multi-Apps > Super App - Kavin Bharti Mittal - Medium

    In 2012, when we launched Hike, the mobile data market was very small. There were barely a few million mobile data users, that too on 2G and low-end smartphones. Since then we've grown Hike into a Super App with Messaging, Content, Services and more, to over 150M users.

  • Efficiency for us means to have highest availability of our services with lowest latency.

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    Four Nines of Availability - Hike Blog

    Why is five, four or even three nines of availability so hard to achieve? Bugs: Human error still accounts to around 60% of the downtime SPOF: Single point of failures leading to system wide downtime Hardware failures, Network issues Unusual traffic spikes Third party or external APIs dependencies In order to improve on availability of overall system, you need to work on each of the above points?-?after all the "Strength of a chain is as good as strength of its weakest link".

  • Read all about how friend suggestions for a user are created on Hike ��


    Friend Recommendation Using Heterogeneous Network Embeddings

    The social graph of Hike is quite unique. The network is highly heterogeneous?-?with multiple node types e.g. users, posts, topics, etc., and multiple edge types e.g. friendship, like, comment, follow, etc. For the friend recommendation system, we take a network of users on Hike which are all assumed to be of same type, but this network edge heterogeneous with multiple edge types between nodes.

  • We believe it is important to not only identify bugs but also make sure that the right bug is fixed at the right time.

    Reducing Bug Fix Time - Hike Blog

    By Arun Aneja and Bhavya Sharma, Engineering Team, Hike Hike is India's first homegrown social app with millions of young people messaging, sending stickers, sharing posts and connecting with friends 24/7. Active users spend approximately 30 mins daily on Hike and it's a constant chase to ensure a smooth experience for our users at all times.

  • Our developers are always looking for ways to increase product development speed and efficiency. React Native is one of them.

    React Native @ Hike - Hike Blog

    How we started using React Native @ Hike React Native integration in Hike started as a result of the hacker culture. Two years ago, one of the teams during a Hike-a-thon built an existing feature, in Hike on React Native (RN).

  • Founder & CEO of Hike, Kavin Bharti Mitta, talks about the four stages that every startup building an app in the consumer space goes through and what it means to build a business over time.

    The Four Stages Every App Startup Goes Through

    This is something that I talk about quite regularly with our teams at . Today, I've penned down some of these thoughts about how I look at startups that are building apps in the internet space and what it means to build a business over time.

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