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  • Today on Magenta: How a back injury turned Huge product designer John Wha into a street photographer.

  • Sometimes words aren't easy, so we made a smart sonnet generator that uses Shakespeare, Markov chains, and natural language processing to help you share your feelings this Valentine's Day. Give it a try:


    v*AI*lentine helps you compose a sonnet for your special sweetheart through artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

  • "Everyone is talking about how robots are taking our jobs   but no one is talking about the more tangible problems, like how people can’t do the math they need to keep their jobs." Julie Taraska interviews Michael Horn, head of data science at Huge, for Magenta.

    Putting the Empathy in Data - Magenta

    Michael Horn, Huge's data-science guru, humanizes raw info through storytelling. Michael Horn is not just a numbers guy. As Huge's managing director of data science, he does lead the firm's analytical efforts; his team of 60 gathers and interprets raw info, then use the insights to improve consumers' physical and virtual experiences.

  • Proud to team up with Keegan-Michael Key, Big Sean, and the team at Quicken Loans for this Rocket Mortgage commercial, making its debut during the Super Bowl tonight.

    Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl 2018 Ad ft. Keegan-Michael Key and Big Sean (Official)

    Watch our 2018 Super Bowl commercial to see how Keegan-Michael Key and Rocket Mortgage are simplifying our confusing and complicated world. Then, head to to see how you can be approved for a mortgage in as few as 8 minutes.* Based on a sample of Rocket Mortgage clients who met qualifying approval criteria based on specific loan requirements and appropriate documentation available at the time of application.

  • We're psyched to be headed to the Super Bowl this Sunday with Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage.

    Quicken Loans Returns to Super Bowl, Two Years After Backlash

    Two years after running a Big Game spot that sparked a fair amount of backlash, Quicken Loans is returning to the Super Bowl. The Detroit-based brand is running a 60-second ad in the second quarter of the game on Feb. 4 to highlight its Rocket Mortgage product.

  • "Don’t give up control, don’t ask for permission, don’t sit on your ideas, and maybe don’t worry so much." Kara Cutruzzula's guide to failure will leave you excited to fail at something new today.

    What I Learned from 165 Creative Failures - Magenta

    After a year of creative moonshots and missteps, I discovered everything people don't tell you about the other "F" word. In 2017, I set myself up for failure 165 times. I know this because I kept a detailed "Failure Thread" in Gmail with my friend Alex Jeffries, who also masochistically enjoys documenting creative moonshots and project attempts.

  • From the end of the engagement economy to the growth of 'And' interfaces, here's what we think is going to matter in 2018:

    Predictions for the Year Ahead - Magenta

    Huge's strategists, technologists, UX designers, and creatives weigh in on what's really relevant in 2018. To look forward, we took a look back. What we saw informed the directions we think marketing, design, and technology will go. Naturally, we couldn't ignore the political issues dividing our country, forcing everyone, brands included, to take decisive stands.

  • We're proud to have worked with the amazing Daveed Diggs on a national TV campaign for Zelle, the easiest way to send and receive money. Check out all the spots at and learn how to start using Zelle today at

    Introducing Zelle

    Zelle® is a revolutionary new service that lets you send and receive money in minutes. Created by the nation's top banks, Zelle® is the new way to pay.

  • Proud to be working with United We Dream.

    A Portable Panic Button for Immigrants Swept Up in Raids

    After the election, Natalia Margolis felt helpless. Like the overwhelming majority of her fellow San Franciscans, Margolis had vehemently opposed Donald Trump's candidacy. His victory left her wondering what she could possibly do to defend people against what she believed would be at least four years of anti-immigrant policy sweeping the country.

  • People who march together, stick together.

    For One Agency, the Women's March Brought Together Employees Like Never Before

    The day after Donald Trump's election, the D.C. office of creative agency Huge was a somber place, one where employees seemed uncertain and fearful of the times ahead. "It felt like a funeral," recalls UX lead Natalie Be'er. The atmosphere and the election's impact on the team were clear to executives, as well.

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