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    "Reproducible research is not technology, it is

    "Reproducible research is not technology, it is a style" We are working for machines if we haven't mastered the art of automation yet. And in order to do that, we must be disciplined in following the reproducible research style.


    Are you a Pushmi Pullyu | Mu Sigma

    "I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone." - Bill Cosby (Even Ed Sheeran quoted this in a song, if you trust his advice more) Countless are the people we interact with, infinite their expectations.


    What it Takes to Make Good Decisions in the New World of Work

    Many companies are starting to take education and employee training into their own hands to ensure their employees are equipped for a rapidly evolving future. We live in a world where phenomena such as the internet, globalization, social media, and mobility are accelerating change faster than ever before.


    How Anomaly Detection Can Help Manage Global Supply Chains

    Today, modern supply chains are under constant pressure to reduce decision cycle times, even though huge amounts of data are being generated throughout every stage. This overload of data can lead to a high signal-to-noise ratio, which makes it difficult to discern useful signals that enable meaningful decisions from meaningless ones.

  • AI is transforming the workplace, but will it replace us? Here’s Deepinder Dhingra's take on it:

    Is AI out to get us? - Data Economy

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are often described as the harbingers of a new industrial age.

  • What's ahead in 2017 for Data Analytics, AI and Intelligent Systems? Zubin Dowlaty, Head of Innovation and Development at Mu Sigma predicts trends:

    From DevOps to 'AnalyticsOps'

    2017 will see AI and Intelligent Systems help enterprises accelerate towards a 21st century analytics mindset, away from the 1980's style which continues to pervade enterprises today. Analytics operations reach enterprise mainstream Data analytics, AI and Intelligent Systems (operational systems that include predictive analytics) have been talked about largely in technology terms to date.

  • Mu Sigma is recognized as a leading pure-play Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences provider in Wikibon’s latest research:

    2016's TOP STORIES: Top 10 Pure Big Data Companies

    You likely know HP and other IT giants generate big revenues from Big Data. But how do pure-play Big Data companies stack up? Here s a look at the top 10 companies that essentially focus 100 percent of their products and sales on Big Data solutions.

  • Software library? API? Packaged software? Businesses today struggle to find out the right approach to software development.

    Introducing Meta-software: Accelerating the Service as a Software paradigm

    In my previous post, I spoke about a new paradigm in problem solving - Service as a Software. As a follow up to that paradigm, in this post I will introduce a new approach to software development that allows acceleration of problem solving, reusability of software across multiple business problems, and the ability to stitch together inter-connected problems in a meaningful manner: .

  • Competing on retail analytics is no longer a mystery. Click here to win the battle of Black Friday:

    Top 5 Challenges of Retailers

    Black Friday is all geared up in anticipation of high levels of demand with retailers trying to make the consumer experience better.

  • Download the report to discover how key decision makers in ‪Fortune 500‬ companies approach ‪‎problem solving‬.

    Mu Sigma Unveils the "State of Analytics and Decision Science" Report, Uncovering Gaps and Trends in Data and Analytics

    With the goal of understanding senior decision makers’ priorities and challenges in regards to analytics, Mu Sigma surveyed executives who lead or heavily influence data and analytics investment decisions at large U.S. enterprises across a variety of industries.

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