Baby Sitter Job Description

What is a Baby Sitter?

Baby Sitters are often self-employed and work under a short-term verbal contract. Long term contracts and full-time employment can be found, but are less common across the industry. Baby Sitters are responsible for providing supervision and care to babies and children in the absence of adults. Often Baby Sitters travel to a home to provide their services, but it is not uncommon for them to provide care at their own home or a 3rd party location.

A Babysitter with a degree in Child Care is highly desired but uncommon. Most Babysitters start at a young age and build their business over time. Primarily a Baby-Sitter's experience and reputation are what drives their business. Since most Babysitters are dealing with developing children, strong child development and communications skills are desired. Babysitters that pursue an education in Child Development often work in the professional sectors of Teaching, Child Psychology or Professional Daycare.

Baby Sitter Job Description Template

Job Overview

Here at XYZ Inc., we are the leading company in our industry in the Capital City area. We're pleased to have a 3.8 Glassdoor rating from our employees. We are hiring an experienced Baby Sitter to help us keep growing. If you're dedicated and ambitious, XYZ Inc. is an excellent place to grow your career. Don't hesitate to apply.

Responsibilities for Baby Sitter

  • Oversee the safety and well-being of all children
  • Adhere to all schedules laid out by Parents, Guardians or Educators
  • Provide meals at scheduled times
  • Engage children in healthy educational and developmental activities
  • Conduct yourself as a person of authority and worth
  • If necessary, Safely transport children to activities such as sport, art or music classes
  • Keep a safe and clean care environment
  • Be punctual and on occasion stay late to help with unforeseen issues

Qualifications for Baby Sitter

  • 3+ year experience in Child Care
  • 12 References from previous employers
  • The ability to life 35+ lbs
  • Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A valid Driver's License
  • CPR, Heimlich and AED certification
  • BLS Certification (Basic Life Support) is a plus
  • Submission to a background check

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