Glassdoor Launches In Spain! Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor Launches In Spain!

Glassdoor is excited to launch a new domain in Spain! Our monthly traffic worldwide exceeds 67 million unique visitors(1), with over 40% coming from outside the U.S.(2), and we now have 19 international sites. With our continued growth and international expansion, we’re committed to delivering more value and candidates to employers.

Currently, Glassdoor’s localised presence in Spain has over 77,000 jobs, over 63,000 reviews and insights and an attractive talent pool for top global employers such as Indra, Telefónica, veers, BBVA, Santander and Amadeus.

“Glassdoor has always appealed to a wide global audience and with increased focus on Spain, we are looking to make the Glassdoor experience for people and businesses in Spain even more valuable,” said John Lamphiere, Vice President and Managing Director of Glassdoor EMEA.

As part of our launch into Spain, Glassdoor conducted online research among more than 850 employees and job seekers in the market. The Harris Poll survey of 850 Spanish job seekers revealed:

  • 85% of Spanish job seekers and employees say job realities tend to differ from expectations set during the interview process
  • 86% of Spanish employees report they wish they had a better understanding of what fair pay is for their position and skill set both at their company and in their local job market
  • 81% of job seekers and employees in Spain report they would find reading employee reviews helpful when deciding where to work

Finally, we asked job seekers and employees if they were currently looking or planned to look for a new job in the next year. Just over half (52%) say they are either currently looking, or plan to look for a new job, which suggests that 2020 could see a significant number of job moves.

For Spanish employers, this presents a big opportunity. The #1 reason people come to Glassdoor is to look for jobs. Therefore, having a localised and attractive presence on Glassdoor is vital. Job advertising increases the visibility of your jobs allowing you to find your ideal candidates. Leveraging Glassdoor’s brand advertising allows you to promote your unique brand and target your ideal candidates. Finally, the enhanced profile showcases why you’re a great employer and eliminates competitor ads.

If you have a Global Localised Enhanced Profile Package or Rest of World Localised Enhanced Profile (LEP), here is a snapshot of what you can begin localising:

  • Logo and Photos
  • Company Story
  • Targeted Companies 
  • Featured Review 
  • Featured Interview Review 
  • Company Updates
  • Featured Video and Awards
  • Social Profiles and Blogs
  • Local CEO Ratings
  • Local Company Ratings
  • Local Jobs Prioritised

No other job site offers Glassdoor’s breadth and depth into jobs and companies globally. We’re excited to focus more on Spain with our new localised site and apps.

1. Google Analytics, Unique users represents peak monthly unique users in CQ1'19
2. Google Analytics, CQ2'19 Average