School District of Indian River County3.7
Data Analyst and Project Manager (2021-2022) (HIRE PENDING)
Vero Beach, FL
$42K - $95K (Glassdoor Est.)
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Compensation & Benefits: 3.3
Culture & Values: 3.0
Career Opportunities: 3.0
Work/Life Balance: 3.5
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Job Type: Full-time
Job Function: project manager
Industry: Education
Size: 1001 to 5000 Employees
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    Strategic Planning and Support Services
    Knowledge of statistics, including but not limited to, statistical techniques and methods, sampling,
    measures of dispersion, central tendency, reliability, validity, correlations, trends, forecasting, and
    categorical data analysis. Knowledge of the significance of various statistical measures.
    Knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, and computer based statistical applications. Ability to
    perform a variety of statistical analysis. Ability to analyze and interpret statistical data and present
    conclusions in written and graphic form. Knowledge of Florida’s state assessment data and
    reporting. Knowledge of national, federal, state and local assessments. Ability to assess levels of
    student achievement effectively, analyze test results, and prescribe actions for improvement.
    Knowledge of School Board policies as they relate to educational accountability. Knowledge of
    current trends, research, and best practices related to educational accountability and data analysis.
    Ability to communicate orally and in writing. Ability to plan, establish priorities, and implement
    activities for maximum effectiveness. Understanding and knowledge of current technologies.
    Ability to work effectively with peers, administrators, and others.

    Job Summary:
    To support data-driven decision making by monitoring, analyzing, evaluating, and
    communicating performance data to facilitate academic achievement and related projects.

    1. Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Education, Educational Leadership,
    Operations Research, or related field
    2. Master’s degree preferred
    3. Experience in educational accountability, performance measurement, program
    evaluation, data analysis, educational research, assessment or related field, preferred
    4. Valid Florida certification in Teaching, Educational Leadership, Administration and
    Supervision or School Principal, preferred
    5. Satisfactory criminal background check and drug screening

    Application Procedure:
    Apply online

    Salary Information: Professional Technical. Grade C. 250 day Contract (12 months). FLSA Exempt.
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