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At Comfygen leaders are created. Every member here is a team player and plays a vital role in the company. You might be at any stage of your career whether a professional or a beginner, Comfygen will provide you ample challenges to further uplift your career. We are looking for individuals who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and create an amicable atmosphere for all. We believe optimum results can only be achieved if our team members are both physically and mentally sound so we try to give a balanced work-personal life to our team.

Unity Developer

  • We are looking for a talented unity developer to join our design team. As a unity developer, you will be responsible for planning and implementing game functionality, building the game code, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product. You may also be required to build patches and install game updates.
  • We are keen to look for talented unity developer for our team.
  • We are looking for self-motivated and ambitious individuals to join the team
  • Job Types: Full-time, Fresher
  • As a part of our team you'll be responsible for Planning, Strategy for the implementation of game functionality, Building structural codes for the game, Identifying possible bottlenecks and to procure a finished product.
  • Education:Higher Secondary(12th Pass) (Preferred)
  • Also to handle and assort to build patches and install game updates. Adequate knowledge in CMS like Wordpress.,
  • We are searching for individuals who are self- motivated and ambitious to be a team-player
  • Experience required - 1 Year would be the bare minimum.
  • Full Time Preferred

What Are We Looking For?

We’re not just developing websites and apps here, we’re making values and the foundation of our company.

Courage and Audacity

Winning in a competitive environment needs the person to be courageous enough to take bold steps. We are looking for people who are audacious and courageous enough to go ahead and take the challenges head-on and work towards getting fruitful results.


When a person is curious, they look for things very differently. We’re looking for someone who is always curious and eager to know the logic behind anything professional happening within the organization.

Solidarity and Integrity

Many jobs require teamwork, the ability to work efficiently and in tandem with a team is a strength that is what we are looking for. We want someone who brings out the best in other team members. We’re seeking the one who takes responsibility and learns from their own mistakes to show integrity and righteous behavior.

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