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what is diffrence between Java and C,Data binding,what is oops , Encapsulation


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Major differences between C And JAVA:- 1.JAVA is Object-Oriented while C is procedural.2. Java is an Interpreted language while C is a compiled language.3. Pointer go backstage in JAVA while C requires explicit handling of pointers.4. JAVA supports Method Overloading while C does not support overloading at all. Data Binding:- When you create a new instance of a class and access one of the underlying variables,methods and constucors these items are bound together. This is data binding Data Binnding are of two types in java- 1.Static binding(also known as Early Binding).-When type of the object is determined at compiled time(by the compiler), it is known as static binding. 2.Dynamic Binding(also known as Late Binding)-When type of the object is determined at run-time, it is known as dynamic binding. OOPS:-As the name suggests, Object-Oriented Programming or OOPs refers to languages that uses objects in programming. Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, hiding, polymorphism etc in programming. The main aim of OOP is to bind together the data and the functions that operate on them so that no other part of the code can access this data except that function. Encapsulation:-Encapsulation is defined as the wrapping up of data under a single unit. It is the mechanism that binds together code and the data it manipulates.Other way to think about encapsulation is, it is a protective shield that prevents the data from being accessed by the code outside this shield.

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