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How to check if a number is even or odd without using % or

  / ?

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perform bitwise AND of given number with 1 and check the last bit if it is zero then number is even and if it is 1 then number is odd

Interview Candidate on 14-Jul-2017

How if we subtract 2 from given number while x>0. set flag=1 in while loop if x==0 found and break the while loop.
Like this :
int main()
    int x,flag=0;
    return 0;

Check this out : on 10-Jan-2019

using namespace std;
int main()
    int n;
    bool flag=false;
    //lets do the logic
    //1.even/odd logic
    for(int i=2;in)
                break;//break the loop for time complexity
        cout<<"It is even number"<

Dheeraj Mandal on 19-Feb-2019

int num;
    cout > num;

    if ((1 & num) == 1) {
        cout << "Odd \n";
    else {
        cout << "Even \n";

Anonymous on 21-May-2019

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