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I think they call employees just to do advertisement about their company. They are not in mood to hire anyone. They are posting the same profile opening on every portal from last 6 months. Is that possible that they did not find a suitable guy for 6 month ?

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You are right! However, if it is about advertisement, they first need to get a better infrastructure.. they made us sit in basement where they have a small table for employees to have lunch. You can say it cafeteria. It was so suffocating down there as there were no AC or ventilation. Even when HR called me she had a table fan in her room. I don't know on what grounds they are gonna select a candidate as they call them, make them go through irrelevant written test then take them through HR round and ask them to leave for day. They actually do not conduct any relevant interview for the open position. This way they are never gonna close the position.

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Had exactly the same experience today. Word by word the experience was same.

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