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    Project Manager Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in London, England (UK)
    No Offer
    Negative Experience
    Easy Interview


    I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services (London, England (UK)) in January 2019.


    Got a call from their recruiter and within 1 hour the interview was scheduled. What a waste of time as the interviewer was shouting at times! He was looking for specific set of answers written somewhere which i didnt answer as i provided him my own experiences. This obviously made him angry. Please do not waste your time appearing for interview here.

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    IOS Developer Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate
    No Offer
    Negative Experience
    Average Interview


    The process took 3 days. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services.


    Was called for coding test after that technical round . Coding test was good. For technical interview, the guy taking the interview was over smart and very rude and was expecting exact syntax for every concept. Overall a very bad experience.

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    Senior Software Engineer Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Pune
    No Offer
    Negative Experience
    Average Interview


    I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services (Pune) in October 2016.


    Interviewed on 21/10/2016 at Pune location.
    Two technical rounds that I underwent. Both face to face. First interview round was good. Second round felt some irrelevant question were asked. Interviewer over confident about himself.
    Following are the list of questions that I was asked:-

    Interview Questions

    • MVC
      1) What is MVC? Why use MVC? Where to use MVC or web forms?
      2) How IIS works in MVC?
      3) Memory allocation of Route Table?
      4) Are you aware of cross site scripting?
      5) How MVC helps to prevent Cross Site Scripting?
      => I answered antiforgery token
      6) What adding AntiForgeryToken creates. How it prevents Cross Site???
      7) For validation of request Authorize or ValidateAntiforgeryToken used?
      8) Any chance of getting exception in AntiForgeryToken?
      9) Can we create Custom HTML helpers?
      Which base class to inherit?
      10) Can we create Custom Filters? What type can be created? Which base class to inherit? Like exception ,authorize. Find out if customer is logged in at controller level or action level.
      11) What is area? Why is it used?
      12) Does area contain seperate layout, partial view, controllers.
      13) How to pass data from controller action to partial view?
      14) Can you pass ViewBag?Is it accessible from controller page?
      15) scenario: In MVC how do I avoid calls to db multiple times like there is country and state dropdown
      I select india I get all states then Us and get US related states now if I select back India then how to avoid call to db?
      Write syntax for OuputCache.

      1) What have you worked on it
      2) Worked on angularJs it internally uses jquery? No ajax call used? How to action from controller? List of states from db get and set in view how to do it in angularjs?
      3) Rate in Jquery?
      4) What document.ready stands for?
      5) Scenario: When we register on a system we get activation email. If the link is correct I want to display "Sucesss" else I want to change the label to "Failed". How document.ready() can be useful in this scenario.
      Like there will be some parameter based which you will diplay message. In Asp.Net you will do it on server load. In MVC what action is used.

      1) Suppose there is a Webservice

      3 clients use same logics
      Client 1 -> add sub
      Client 2 -> add
      Client 3 -> div

      How to restrict Client 2 from using sub, mul, div

      2) scenario: new

      class A{ add(){return 1}}
      classB:A{ add(){return 2}}

      Base b = new Base()

      Child c = new Child()

      Base b1 = new Child()

      Child c1 = new Base()
      What is O/P?

      1) Why use Stored Procedure. Why not write direct query in ASP.NET?
      2) What is function? How to write? Why to use? Where to use?
      3) What is Index? where to use?
      4) Cursor?

      1) How will you handle if your client says this page is slow? What is the process. Where is start.
      2) Infrastructure point of view what is needed?
      3) TFS? Checkin Shelve?

      [2nd Round]

      1) MVC4 what have you used WCF or WEBAPI or legacy
      2) MVC2.0 what was backend? service oriented architecture or purely dll?
      3) Have you done analysis on new version of SQL
      4) Custom filters in controllers
      5) Maintain multiple versions of 1 API used by 2 applications. How will you do it? How will you do it at database layer?
      => NO IDEA
      6) How many pages/Views have you developed in Angular project?(2 years long time Is there enough work for UI in 2 years)
      7) Where was this solution deployed?
      8) What deployment architecture you prefer for build and release management?
      9) For any system in build and release management processes what sort of documentation you create first?
      10) Are there database projects created? How is it created?
      11) What is purpose of infragistics grid?(Galti ho gayi likh ke resume mein)
      12) In this application we will have millions of transaction. How was database designed? what datastructure used?
      13) Which version of TFS used?
      14) How was code analysis done? Automated or manual?
      => Resharper
      15) Unit testing manual or automated?
      16) Jasmine test - You use tools or write using NUnit? Jasmine was Test case capturing tool or was it creating unit tests for you?
      17) For responsive what framework used?
      18) Did you get a chance to Refer cloud. So in Xpanxion nobody use cloud. You have not explored yet. So this is used everywhere?
      19) We have new technology like windows universal app, Xamarin, New WPF. MVC getting absolute. You didnt get exposure but what you do to update yourself on Mobile and cloud?
      20) What are you looking for? MVC is getting classic APS. In our org everything in cloud? What will excite you for technical growth?
      21) What you prefer WCF or WebAPI? Have you done some analysis on it?
      22) WCF can be self hosted what does it means? Didn't you have curosity to find out what it is? This was the first question that came to every developers mind?
      23) Spadeworks looking for aspirational candidates, have knowledge of newer versions? Azure Cloud?
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    Trainee Developer Interview

    Anonymous Employee in Pune
    Accepted Offer
    Positive Experience
    Easy Interview


    I applied through college or university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services (Pune) in April 2016.


    Selected in a campus recruitment.
    Interview Process is very good and a medium level kind of questions in terms of Technical round.
    The process is simple first they take GD and then shortlisted according to them .Then a technical round of around 20 minutes and if you are clear with your basics then you are in.Main thing is your self confidence ,apart from technology they also focus on confident people.So be confident and be your self.

    Interview Questions

    • In technical they ask basics of any language which you know.
      Like for me they asked in java like oops concepts with example ,Static class ,Virtual class etc
      In HR round they will ask you personal questions + few more technical as well .   Answer Question


    Softwere Engineer Interview

    Anonymous Employee in Pune
    Accepted Offer
    Positive Experience
    Average Interview


    I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services (Pune) in April 2015.


    interview process was very smooth one HR round and one technical round with technical people and one manager round .in manager round they were asking about client side handling. technical wise they asking current updated things.

    Interview Questions

    • we will give an opportunity to learn new technologies so are you reasy?   1 Answer

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    Trainee Developer Interview

    Anonymous Employee in Pune
    Accepted Offer
    Positive Experience
    Difficult Interview


    I applied through college or university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at SpadeWorx Software Services (Pune) in August 2012.


    It was started with aptitude test and completed with 2 rounds of technical rounds, asked projects, latest technology, fundamental questions. Results announced on same day, got offer letter within 3 working days.

    Interview Questions

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