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Java Developer Interview Garden Grove, CA (US)

They asked me about the Java Object - Oriented, Inheritance

  and Out-put the single value of the 2 dimension array

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All the answers can be easily found from internet/ java book if you repair them before

Interview Candidate on 08-Feb-2013

Could you be more specific about the questions? And could you explain how you answered their questions, please! I'm gonna have the C# interview from Systems Logic, and they're gonna ask me questions about C++. So, if you can specify the questions they asked you, it could be more helpful to me. Please!!!

Aaron on 24-Feb-2013

I have got the phone all and email from them but that's it. Did they contact you again? How did you set up the appointment with them?

Interview Candidate on 25-Mar-2013

Hi all. I've just passed the 2nd round technical interview for the JAVA Developer position. They sent me an email about attending a training session at their head office before job placement. Did any of you guys have such experience?

Lorien on 05-Apr-2013

What kind of question did they ask you in the technical interview?

Alex on 12-Apr-2013

I have passed the technical interview and I received an offer letter and two agreements (training agreement and employment agreement) from them. But a lot of things in the agreements are not very clear, it didn't say anything about paid holidays, employee insurances, etc. I am not sure if I should sign it or not. Does anyone have idea about this whole thing?

Jason on 21-Apr-2013

can you please tell me if this good company?

M on 16-Aug-2013

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