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EHS (environmental health and safety) specialists enforce rules and regulations to keep employees safe in the workplace. In an interview, employers may ask questions about your communication skills and analytical skills. Prepare for situational questions that offer insight into your instincts during times of stress.

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Top EHS Specialist Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top EHS specialist interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Explain how you communicate health and safety information to the public.

How to answer: This question allows you to showcase your ability to communicate effectively across many media. Writing and speaking are both vital skills for this role, as you may be responsible for creating training documents, giving presentations, leading workshops and more. Detail how you discuss high-stakes situations clearly and calmly.

Question No. 2: Tell me about a time when you worked with members of senior management to implement a plan.

How to answer: A successful answer to this question would prove that you are an effective collaborator and can manage conflict. In some circumstances, management may oppose your ideas on various grounds such as budget or time. Explain how you influence others to prioritise health and safety and lead the team to a plan that protects the company.

Question No. 3: How would you inspire employees to participate in a safety initiative?

How to answer: Motivating others is a crucial leadership skill. Speak about how you identify resistance among personnel, then explain which tactics you use to connect with employees. Consider using an anecdote that demonstrates how you help employees understand the importance of engaging with safety initiatives.

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EHS Specialist Manager was asked...2 August 2018

Could i assist in maintaining their compliance issues and get their program back on track because they didnt have one

6 Answers

Place sucks and doesnt care as long as they are making money. Supervisor is an idiot .kid got chemicals in his eye because he is an idiot aswell . Lmao at that should have wore your ppe moron Less

Go get a job at walmart youd be treated better

Biggest group of douchebags i have ever laid eyes on .management is the worst. Horrible wage .they lie to your face . Accuse you of stealing company items .how they even stay in busy is mind boggling. Constantly violate all safety regulations. Dont care about your health and safety. Seriously your better off being unemployed than working for these clowns Less

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What is your relevant experience for this position

4 Answers

It is matched with my skill and experience

It is matched with my skill and experience

So very interesting

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please confirm your desired compensation

2 Answers

They offered me 18/h which is insane for this position

18 dollars an hour is a fair salary for Utah. I would take in a heart beat

EQT Corporation

How would you be able to help us in working with our new SAP software?

2 Answers

I have experience working with Westinghouse when they were switching their SAP software to Ariba. Less

I would love to come in and help out with the SAP Software, I can build with what I know already. Less


How would you react to a disagreement with a fellow employee?

2 Answers

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Less

Take steps to try and understand the problem and come up with a mutually acceptable solution. Less

Huntsman Corp

What is the difference between commitment & contribution?

2 Answers


commitment is act of getting involve with a result while contribution is the act of putting impact but result not important Less

Hired me without telling me all the expectations of the job.

1 Answers

Tried to perform to the best of my ability, knowledge and experience, but the management was young and didn't want to consider my input Less

Resurrection Health Care

why would I want this job

1 Answers

I am a longstanding community member and would be able to promote RHC from within this NW side community. My experience is well above the necessary requirement for the job and I could bring the EHS departments of RHC into the future. Less

Resurrection Health Care

what was your most challenging situation as a manager?

1 Answers

I once had a support person who was unreliable and had been using her diversity as a shield against her policy infringements. She needed constant counseling in hopes that she would turn her self around. This did not happen;and ,eventually had to be disciplined and terminated. Less

REEB Millwork

What is your plan to turn around safety record

1 Answers

I said produce a clear conscice plan after I review process's and curant way that things are done. Less

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