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Sort: RelevancePopular Date interview-they check your verbal and written communication ability 2.written test consists of 10 questions with mix of javascript and php 3.technical test - here they ask you to install LAMP ,Wordpress, Virtualization and/or FTP

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Passed every test but didn't because of their salary offer salary offered is not at all good for freshers

How much salary offered..?

15k p.m

question related php require(),include(),array functions.string functions,database mysql 3 simple question , opps question polymorphism, object access mode

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WordPress related questions use of templates

wap to insert data in three table in a single query.

They asked only from my code which i written in second round after developing my application(As Technical Round).

What are the __construct() and __destruct() methods in a PHP class?

The most difficult and unexpected question was a bunch of "What if" and "An example of when..." kind of behavioral questions. I should have prepared these, I had not and really was stumped and ended up giving them real examples and expressed my honest opinions (not a good idea esp if you are opinionated like me).

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