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Teaching Artist was asked...14 February 2017

Questions were fairly standard

1 Answers

The expectations weren't clear. Every answer I gave about my teaching style was somehow both acceptable and inconsistent with their standards Less

Woodruff Arts Center

Detailed interview questions about teaching philosophy, artist philosophy, and life experience as professional educator and artist. Detailed description and presentation of portfolio.

1 Answers

Career timeline and employer history.

Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP)

How can you use dance to teach verbs?

1 Answers

Dance activity using different types of dance- point, spin, twist, tap, leap, etc. Less

Wingspan Arts

They asked how I would handle engaging a child's attention even if the child didn't want to

1 Answers

I had to pretend I was talking to the child (but it was an adult). I told them that everyone has to try something atleast 3 times before saying they don't like it. Less

Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP)

If you wanted to teach about the letter B how would you use a Blueberry Pie to do that?

1 Answers

Building literacy vocabulary by using b words to describe the process of making a blueberry pie with the students. Vocab words: blue, blueberry, berry, bake, butter, bask, bell, bon apetite, etc. Less

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

What is your experience working with adults?

1 Answers


Wingspan Arts

What population we enjoyed working with and why (what age group specifically).

Which teachers inspired you most as a student?

Studio in a School

Probably the most difficult question is during the group interview when you will be asked to rate a fellow interviewee s to their other responses to questions during the interview process.

Dancing Classrooms

You have to teach the rest of the group (its a group audition) something (anything). You have to do some dancing.

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