Event Manager Job Description

What is an Event Manager?

An event manager is responsible for all of the logistics that go into planning and hosting an event. They are responsible for ensuring that every single guest has a great time. A few of the main duties of an event manager are creating a theme for the event, tracking all of the costs of the event, ensuring the right staff are there for the event, and proposing a final budget for the event. They also have to report the success of the event to management. Some of the jobs titles that an event manager could grow into are marketing manager and senior event manager.

An event manager should have two years of experience working in event planning as well as a bachelor's degree in marketing. One of the most important skills that an event manager will have is the ability to accurately plan. Another skill is coordination as the event manager will need to work with many different vendors to plan amazing events.

Event Manager Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Event Manager

  • Create a theme for the event
  • Find vendors for the event
  • Find an appropriate location for the event
  • Estimate costs for the event
  • Propose a budget for the event
  • Promote the event through various channels
  • Create reports to report back to management
  • Hire the correct staff to work the event

Qualifications for Event Manager

  • Bachelor's degree in marketing
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks at once
  • Ability to coordinate with different vendors
  • Communicate well with the entire staff at the event
  • Incredibly detail oriented
  • Ability to sell the event to interested parties
  • Ability to find sponsors for the event
  • Amazing time management skills
  • Great interpersonal skills

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