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Assistant Systems Engineer Trainee Interview Questions


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What will you do if your team mate had an accident and you have to submit the assignment ofter two days.

4 Answers

Need to do extra work.

Complete the assignment with our other teammates and submit it on time.

i motivate my team mates to do extra work and submit it on time

Company's Previous Tagline

2 Answers

Technical Round - What is the difference between C and SQL?

1 Answer

Hobbies/ Personal info

1 Answer

Aptitude/ Course related.

1 Answer

Give me your resume . After seeing it,Are you working somewhere ?

1 Answer

You were CEO and founder of this Startup tell me about this.

1 Answer

1.Self introduction 2.Questions related with project work done in academics

1 Answer

There are two wells one with salty water but near and other with sweet water but far. Now you father has asked you to bring water, from which well will you bring water.

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