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Catholic Charities USA
Parent Educator was asked...31 January 2018

How do you deal with stress?

6 Answers

I pray to God!

Controlling myself

Staying Postive

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what to do if you have a difficult supervisor

3 Answers

I would start by attempting to communicate with them, so that we can learn how to be on the same page; showing I am an ally and not an enemy. Generally the individual who is being difficult or hard to get along with are having their own troubles and it's not because of the employee. If it is a personality conflict then taking a quiz like True Colors would help all parties involved communicate more effectively with each other. Not only will it make people think before directing, but also enable bonding in the workplace. Less

I try to maintain a professional relationship by interacting with them in a respectful way and working with them as part of the team taking feedback and seeing if I can offer ideas Less

I maintain a professional relationship working with everyone taking supervisor feedback and seeing if I can give feedback to help the team Less

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

What program would I create if I had the opportunity to create one, how would I run it, and measure for success?

3 Answers

Based on observations and feedback from students and teachers i would decide what program to have. I evaluate it through questionnaires and sit down meetings then work with program director to make needed changes Less

Based on observations and feedback from students and teachers i would decide what program to have. I evaluate it through questionnaires and sit down meetings then work with program director to make needed changes Less

for me a measure of success is questionnaires on how students/teachers/parents like program and what they would like to see. It also entails usage of the program Less


"If you could high five one person, living or not, who would it be?"

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i want to high five to this company founder to build this company and giving me opportunity to start my career. Less

I would high five Albert Einstein to talk about the universe.


Can you tell me about yourself

3 Answers

Maneesh singh from india.



Aspire Public Schools

What is your education philosophy?

3 Answers

I believe education comes from more than just books, has to be engaging and get students to think critically. After reading assignments I create activities based on the reading such as writing a story based on the book storyline, pulling nouns or verbs from the story and categorizing them. During reading I ask questions that aren't completely fact based such as predicting what you think may happen, life lessons learned, symbolism. For younger students I have plenty of hands on activities. For example with TK students I had them watch Pete the Cat videos and use rubber bands to count how many and show the right color. For a current student, we start each session by working on a calendar. She starts by putting strip with correct month then puts the number of days in correct order then puts the cards with the appropriate holidays for that month then I ask what day of the week it is and what day comes tomorrow or came yesterday. They also cut out days of the week/months of the year and sorted them in correct order. They also selected shapes and street signs and drew them Less

education has to be engaging for students, should foster critical thinking and occurs in more than just books. After reading stories I integrate other concepts. For example a writing assignment based on story theme. I also pull out verbs or nouns and have students categorize them. I ask questions about predicting and morale when appropriate. For younger students I have hands on activities. For example, with a current student I start off session with a calendar where she gets the strip with the correct month then she puts the number of days in order then she identifies the holidays of that month. Next I ask what the day of the week is what day was yesterday and what day will be tomorrow. During breaks we throw a ball while asking questions about things we've covered. For my TK class I had them sort months of year and days of week in order, draw pictures of things relating to Spring or Easter, draw types of weather, shapes, street signs Less

Bachelor's in Business Administration

Educator was asked...1 February 2017

What is your spirit animal?

3 Answers

ahh i didn't mean to down vote this! lol i didn't even know you could do that but if you're a giraffe then you go girl/boy! be your giraffe self! Less

I did the same thing by mistake 🙈


Berkeley USD
Educator was asked...6 November 2016

Tell us about your pedagogical philosophy.

3 Answers

I believe that learning happens when you meet students at their level by focusing on more than just book learning. In this respect students should be given opportunities to think critically. I had students read short stories to appeal to those who learn by reading. I would also ask them to summarize appealing to the auditory learners. Additionally, I would have them predict what they think will happen as a way of thinking critically about the story characters. I would also ask about life lessons as well as symbolism to see if they were able to relate the story to the real world. For older students I had them analyze story elements such as setting, characters, plot as older students are more able to think deeper about story characters. For younger kids especially, I have a lot of hands on activities as they tend to be tactile learners. I.E step games and sorting materials into groups for adding, subtracting then asking basic addition, subtraction questions. This combines being an auditory and hands on learner Less

Learning happens in other ways besides textbooks, should engage students and foster critical thinking. I asked students to predict what will happen in stories, morale, and symbolism to see if they could do more than repeat facts. I assigned writing prompts based on the stories to get students to learn to put sentences together to tell a story. I also used stories for word activities. I would have them find nouns or verbs and make columns to separate them. This helped visual learners. For younger kids I had hands on activities. For example, with Pete the cat videos I had them use tangible objects to find the correct number or color. I also had them pick various tangible shapes and look at examples of street signs and have them draw out those examples. I read a story about the environment and then had them draw different types of weather. This helped kinesthetic learners. For one student I had him draw groups then write down times tables then say them as facts foster his being a visual learner Less

think critically, more than book learning and be engaging. For younger students lots of hands on activities. Have students pull words out of stories and break them down into columns. I.E. verbs are broken down into past, present, future. Nouns are broken down into plural and singular. Last year my tkers had plenty of hands on activities. Pete the cat videos where they chose objects of correct number and color, cut out months of year and days of week and put them in order, drew out objects, wrote numbers and made the number of dots for each number. Have students do writing assignments based on stories read, ask story questions about lessons learned, predicting, symbolism, for older students do story element worksheets Less

Aspire Public Schools

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

I plan to continue in the field of education working in the afterschool sector and with groups of children during the day. I would like to be able to become skilled enough where I can act as a mentor to new teachers Less

I would like to continue working with kids in the afterschool setting and in small groups particularly with literacy intervention. I would like to become skilled enough where I can act as a mentor to new teachers Less


Describe your perfect day off.

2 Answers

do u remember specific questions they ask at the first interview

visualize your life in 10 years.

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