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Beaconhouse School
Teacher was asked...8 August 2017

What subject you can easily teach?

22 Answers

Computer ,English

I can a multicultural girl. I can teach and motivated students friendly.


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WhiteHat Jr

In the 1st round they ask general questions like tell me about yourself

10 Answers


I do got a call but how can we find pdf

They asked about no of hours I can take ol classes in a week, like 30 classes in a week each of 1 hr duration. They asked for my introduction and my qualifications. Less

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Oakland Unified School District

Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

9 Answers


yes with the right help and support

Yes if they get the right help

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Little Sunshine's Playhouse & Preschool

When could I start. Whet education did I have. If I could come back and work the next day for a few hours but I wouldn't be paid. They called it a trial day.

8 Answers

My experience was poor as well. A lot of hype and very little follow through. The owners where terrible and had zero experience in childcare. Then went and hired a directory who again had no experience and no business being a director of a preschool. Upper management needs to play a bigger role in new school openings and actually stick around longer than 3 or 4 days.... Less

My experience was the same as well. When I had my interview somebody from the corporate office was there. I heard her and the director talking about me. I thought I wouldn't get hired but I did. They seemed to be extremely fake. Less

The interview process wasn't terrible. It was just the sad to know that there was a lot of hype but not a lot follow through. The teachers weren't as holding as they were conveyed by the director. Unfortunately it was a fact I found out only after accepting the job. Less

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Math Vision Enrichment Centre
Teacher was asked...1 September 2019

What is your experience and subject you’re confident in teaching

9 Answers

10 year experience

16 years public elementary school teacher

16 years public elementary teacher handling/teaching Mathematics, English and Social Studies in primary level. Less

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Tell me something about Sabis teaching method -point system?

7 Answers

The teacher teaches a point and provides an example,the whole class interactively practices an application of the point,students individually practices written application of the point,and than they checks in groups. Less

The teacher teaches a point and provides an example,the whole class interactively practices an application of the point,students individually practices written application of the point,and than they checks in groups. Less

SABIS network is an integrated, comprehensive circullium that aligns with international standards Less

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JET Program
Teacher was asked...24 September 2016

You don't have any experience teaching so how do you expect to teach? (She meant no experience teaching English, which she clarified when I answered fairly sarcastically due to my rich history with teaching).

7 Answers

You seem like a d-o-u-c-h-e to be honest no wonder you didn't get picked.

I'm not surprised you didn't get a offer. You sound increasingly rude and disrespectful not the interviewer. Less

P.S. If you're trying to teach English, you might want to realize that it's "an offer," not "a offer." Less

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How long have you taught?

6 Answers

I had the same thing happen to me. I didn't do a lot of writing in the text box and I thought it went great. I bought headsets but glad I didn't spend a lot of money on props because I wasn't sure. I agree that they should not offer you a contract until after you pass all of the mock trainings. I have 25 years experience teaching and consulting teachers. I am also trained in a systemic phonics program. Great process but I have 3 months to decide if I want to do it again. Less

To anyone considering VIP KID and reading this, I am having the same experience: great interview/demo/scores/top $; great Mock 2; IMO poor Mock 2 interviewer; fail. Reapplied: Interviewer who gave me the sense she was going to fail me before I even said hello. Failed (remember, first round I was "the greatest"). Glutton for punishment, trying again, hmmmm, last try. Here to say: getting hired is a crap shoot. The evaluators are unreliable. Policy is, you can reapply in 3 months with the same email address. But if you want to try again, just use another email address. They will not notice. If I get hired, doing the tutoring should, I hope, go smoothly. If it doesn't, I'll leave. Less

Yes, the same. I have years of experience and the interview went fairly well and it should not be expected to be perfect on the first try of an online class. I reconsidered due to the low pay, but was denied anyway. Less

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They do a thorough technica test. Prepare for questions about yourself, your self-introduction, your work-life balance, how you were able to know about their company, your reason for deciding to apply at their company, what are your strengths, being able to watch their orientation video (found on the site after the interview via Skype), SWOT analysis of yourself as a business English teacher, YNK questions, mock lesson with demo material/s. Also, understand the 5 areas that the company teaches according to the video on their company website (recruitment video different from orientation video).

6 Answers

Just to clarify, 100 lessons are paid by Bizmates and taught by you. You're welcome. Less

What is SWOT analysis, and YNK question?

The 100 lessons would depend on how many lessons one gets booked in a day. You're most welcome! Less

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Aureus Group

Can you work on weekends?

6 Answers

Definitely I will

Yes, I can work on week ends.


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