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Executive director Interview Questions


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how can u delete a node from a linked list using a single pointer

4 Answers

refer geeksforgeeks for the answer

Il suffit de sélection la partie que tu veux suprême et tu fait le cliquer gauche sur la partie et tu suprême

umm..i dont understand ur language

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How will you manage multiple businesses and deliver results?

2 Answers

Do you have a BCOM graduation? Where did you work before? Etc

2 Answers

what's you want salary?

2 Answers

Are you ready to be flexible?

2 Answers

What is the way of convincing general patient to use IT technology in case of Health Care and related field ?

2 Answers

What do to see yourself after 10 years?

2 Answers

DHCP, Ticketing tool, communication skill, Networking skill, Network Printer, rdp port numbers, if the system is not connecting to rdp what you do, dns, and some basic technical questions.

1 Answer

how can u take this company to the top

1 Answer
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