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Financial Analyst Intern was asked...29 March 2011

What is put option?

3 Answers

An insurance that you pay to hedge against price changes in the future. buy put to hedge against price going down. Less

Where you “put” options on high or low before a date

A put option is a right but not obligation to sell the underlying asset at the strike price at maturity. One put option contains 100 shares of the underlying asset. A put option can be an effective tool for managing risk and uncertainty. Using a protective put one can hedge the potential downside risk of the portfolio, with only giving up a small portion of the upside potential, which is the premium paid for the option(s). This is known as the breakeven point. Less


If you were the CFO of amazon, what metrics would you look at every day to see how well your company is doing?

2 Answers

Cash Flow, ROI, Profit Margin,

Percent change, Futures, ROI


What sorts of costs does Amazon face as an online seller of goods?

2 Answers

Go through their costs on the income statement.

1. Fixed cost: rent, salary, building... 2. Variable cost: purchasing cost, transportation cost, interest,.. Less


What are 3 numbers the CFO would look at on a daily basis?

2 Answers

Anybody have an answer for this?

ROI, percent change, Futures

Clarendon Insurance Group

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

1 Answers


General Mills

Name a time when you failed on a project

1 Answers

Described an outcome that was slightly worse than preferred


Tell me about your background?

1 Answers

I started at USF in 2018 and decided to study in finance because of my interest in working in the financial sphere, managing money and investments for various clients. Thus, throughout my time at USF, I've undertaken courses and opportunities that helped me grow in that respect. Less


Why would you like to work for our company?

1 Answers

I have heard nothing but great things and I am interested in the industry.

Merrill Lynch

Not necessary a question, but the interviewer noticed I studied Spanish and started speaking to me in Spanish.

1 Answers

I do speak the language pretty well (a lot of my family speaks it), but I couldn't for the life of me understand the guy's accent! That, and the shock of being spoken to in Spanish during an interview gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look, and I couldn't respond. Though, I think by the end the interviewer did leave with a good impression of me (though I had to redeem myself) Less


When you have multiple tasks to complete , how do you time management? A few "Tell me about a time when" scenario questions.

1 Answers

Organize by priority and deadlines... (Tip research behavioral questions, and prepare a few stories of times when you recall being in different scenarios and the outcomes. Also read up on the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to have an idea of how to execute your stories.) Less

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