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Olds College
Library Aide was asked...25 January 2016

Would i be able to work alone at night?

2 Answers

Yes I could.


Baltimore City Community College

What kind of skills will you bring to this job position?

2 Answers

I am a hard worker, detailed oriented, and can take order and direction well.

Dependable, loyal, motivator, team player, efficient, organized, problem solving/conflict skills, leadership/supervisory skills and will go extra miles as needed. Less

Hertfordshire County Council

What would you do if you were the only one working and someone asked you a question you didnt know the answer to?

2 Answers

I said I would apologise and look online or call another library for assistance. When I said this they looked at eachother and replied "yeah you could do that..." lol Less

Point is, why would they live you to work alone ina big , actually huge library as the one in Welwyn Gargen City? It’s very irresponsible! Less

Roseman University of Health Sciences

Situational question: What to do if there is a line at the desk, the phone is ringing, and the copier is not working>

2 Answers


My name is Farzana

Hertfordshire County Council

What would you do with your time if the library was quiet ?

2 Answers

I used to give these interviews for Herts Libraries. They are looking for the answer you gave, but you then need to expand with examples of you *demonstrating* this behaviour in your previous jobs or general experience. If you just give an answer and don't expand, you barely get a "point" and you definitely won't get the job. This is true for any answer to any given question in Herts Libraries. The flat answer, followed by example, and finalised with the effect of your example. For example: in my free time in my previous job, I did this and that, and this meant such and such happened more effectively, etc. Less

I answered saying I would make sure areas were tidy and in order, put books away etc but this didn't seem like a sufficient answer for them as they were clearing waiting on me to expand. I still don't know what they were looking for in regards to this question. Less

Quinnipiac University

Will you work saturdays?

2 Answers



Peel District School Board

If I had experience with multimedia resources--they wanted details. Sometimes they asked if you had experience with specific software or digital resources.

2 Answers

I tried to give them the experience they I had related to what they asked. Sometimes I just had to say that I didn't have that experience. Less

how long after did anyone get a call after applying online?

Charter College

How someone as "smart" as me would work well with the demographic of a career college. I was uncomfortable with their roundabout way of explaining their demographic.

1 Answers

I am in the business of helping people and I've worked with underserved populations in the past. Less

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Do you have experience with course reserves?

2 Answers


Yes, course reserves are library materials reserves for a specific class or other activity and are managed by the library staff. Less

Phoenix Public Library

Why do you think you would be the perfect person for this position?

1 Answers

I don't know why this question is always so difficult for me. It's a fair one. I just suddenly lose all sense of focus, thereby turning in to a rambling idiot. Less

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