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why you should be hired?

1 Answer

I know that every interview question paper consists of this question and also this is the tricky one and I know how to tackle this one. I said to the interviewer that I have been looking for a perfect platform for me to showcase my skills and I know that your company is the one where I can prove my talent and make my career here itself a right path.

The core basics of React and Redux and Node.js

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What is your salary expectation?

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What is the use of NODE JS, MongoDB, Angular JS?

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Most difficult were mongodb queries and query optimisation.

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Javascript basics.. Set interval.. Array operations... React functional components

For MERN stack developer role, they ask you Linux OS related questions. Like why ???? 0 questions on the described profile, just questions related to Linux.

The real time situations in the project and how can we tackel them.

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