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How you can say that you are resource full ?

1 Answer

I am a resource full person, when i have a patient, i access the patient and if i am going to do any procedure i have all the required things with me so that i do not have to rush for single items.

what do you know about stroke?

1 Answer

What are the signs and symptoms of stroke?

1 Answer

first ques. is to print 10 prime no. from start.

Second question There was pattern based question and you have to solve two of the following- 1-123454321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1 2-54678 4678 467 46 4 where n is a number = 54678 3-1 1*2 1*2*3 1*2*3*4 4-0 909 89098 7890987

In english the question is as following- 1-There was a passage about Anand who is a three time gold champion and 2nd winning chess player from asia in 1970's. I don't remember whole passage. And there was five question asked from passage like 1-How many time Anand win the gold. 2-who is the first champion from asia(Fisher). 3-write five quality of Anand that makes him best sportsman. 4-Meaning of forefit? A-Correct the following sentence like- a-If i was a Prime minister then i will end the corruption in no times. B-Write the minimum 150 words about the following topic a- Reservatio-Social Boom or Bane. B-. C-There was a passage that you have to write in your language. The passage is totally based on introvert people. Like Introverts have problem if they wants to talk or wants to be silent.Introverts have big problem when teacher said that the 25% marks will be based on class participation.

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