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National Grid
Substation Engineer was asked...10 February 2020

Past experience and competency based questions.

1 Answers

Don’t tell them unnecessary information, just stick to the question.

Commonwealth Associates

How did I feel about the city.

1 Answers

It's fine. I have family in the area.

Puget Sound Energy

Name 5 types of communication protocols in a SCADA system

1 Answers

I only knew GOOSE and Modbus.


How has your education and experience helped prepared you for this position?

1 Answers

My education and experience has been built upon a foundation of field experience that has provided me guidance as to what is most important in performing well in this position. Less


What is wrong with this drawing?

1 Answers

Two different voltages were connected to the same bus. Busses were shorted on the three three line diagram. Less

Pacific Gas and Electric

Described a situation where you were directed by upper management to make a decision in a non-compliance manner, what did you do?

1 Answers

Simply explained who we were as a company & what is expected.. Per guidelines, what is expected by our customers to be the best as well as to keep in mind all decisions made at all times will have some kind of consequence in the future. If there is a decision that is to be made would be better made by them. If their is not a solution or answer that seems to conclude the issue at that time need to call for a meeting to hear more voices of the higher end appointees, we can't make everyone happy but that would be the best solution, so they could prepare for the next. Martha Gonsalves Less

Puget Sound Energy

Look at the drawing and describe to us what it is. (it was a high-level switchgear wiring diagram) They asked what type of breaker scheme was being used.

1 Answers

I just went through the diagram pointing out what is wired together. I believe I said it was a breaker and a half scheme and I was correct. Less

Allegis Group

Situation where design does meet real life application(code is not met by design in field), what do you do?

Xcel Energy

Describe a time when you had to work with a different team what was the project and what was the outcome? Describe a time you faced a challenge in your project? How did you resolve the problem and what was the outcome? Are you a big picture person or more detail oriented? What's your biggest strength and weakness

Xcel Energy

How do you deal with confict?

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