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Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi
Sushi Chef was asked...20 January 2018

how long I been doing my job, where I learned it

3 Answers

2 years n a half, here in USA

4 years. I learned it in South Africa


Bento Sushi
Sushi Chef was asked...15 December 2021

do you have a car? where is your location? what is your available schedule? do you have any questions about this position? what is your expected wage rate? able to remote in needed? need to complete Food Handling after 1 month accepted the job

2 Answers

just answer all personal information about yourself

Respected Sir I am in Nepal. I am a simple unemployed youth here my youth energy is wasted. I'm looking for a good company or a good donor to work hard for me. Because my condition is a bit critical. That means working hard. It is possible to apply for a job online. There is hope You have done a good job in the company. Can I get help? So that my energy hard work is evaluated in the right place.thank you so much sir. Less

AFC Corporation

Are you okay with working in Wednesday’s

1 Answers

Yes, I’m okay with that I know that’s your busiest day

Bento Sushi

What is your work availability

1 Answers

Any time during the week

Bento Sushi
Sushi Chef was asked...10 December 2017

Do you have sushi making experience

1 Answers

yes, I had over ten years

Wegmans Food Markets

Name some safety measures in food preparation.

1 Answers

Taking temperatures of both raw and cooked foods, washing hands thoroughly, wiping surfaces to avoid cross contamination, staying home when sick, etc. Less

Sushi Chef was asked...20 September 2016

Have you ever worked in food service before?

1 Answers

Yes, I'm quite familiar with how food service should work when making food and dealing with the customers. Less

Bento Sushi
Sushi Chef was asked...28 December 2021

Rank the following in most important to least important: Customer Service, work relationships, product presentation, food safety and food taste

1 Answers

1. Food safety 2. Food taste 3. Product presentation 4. Customer service 5. Work relationships Less

Daiwa Sushi

How long you have been doing this?

1 Answers

I said i have 2 years experience. I had work in the three restaurant before.

Rivers Casino (Pennsylvania)

They asked me my best selling specialty rolls and what styles made up the more complex side of sushi.

1 Answers

I listed all of the styles: hosamaki, futomaki, uramaki, nigiri, tamari, tamaki, gunkan, oshi, sashimi, abstract and fusion. They like book knowledge far more than practical here. Less

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