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Head Chef was asked...9 February 2018

What change would I make to the McDonalds Menu?

4 Answers

I suggested offering alternative dressings for the salads

I love Macdonals, I would not change anything, I only add more flavors, hot chocolate dishes, more variety in salads to increase sales .... think of children who can not eat gluten or other foods and create special food dishes ... Less

The burgers are so small not enough.

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Alexander Chapman

What is the best time to reach you for a phone discussion?

2 Answers

After 5pm EST

Did the individual ask for detailed information on who you were in the process of interviewing with? Less

College Chefs
Head Chef was asked...9 December 2018

Where would you like to work?

2 Answers

San Francisco

I said at the time, anywhere in the country.


How would you treat disgruntled customers?

1 Answers

Patiently and with care.


What will you do in your first 100 days

1 Answers

Improve the IT system in place and make as big an impact as I can

Natural Intelligence

Describe a conflict you had with a department in the company and how you managed to solve it.

1 Answers



Would you be excited about a developer-level position for developer pay when we advertised for director position?

1 Answers

Not interested. I can see why your Glassdoor reviews are the way that they are. Do not contact me again. Watch Glassdoor for my own review. Less

Napier Healthcare

Ability to handle teams

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Head Chef was asked...7 February 2016

What were my future training and development within the company

1 Answers

There wasn't many opportunities due to the way the senior management was structured in both of kitchen or front of house Less

Head Chef was asked...31 January 2017

If I was aware of children's allergies

1 Answers

I told them I was well aware because my step son has allergy.

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