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they asked oops concept like interface, pollymorphism, inheritance,encapsulation, abstraction,overloading overriding etc. and life cycle, validation control, state management and diff. between funtion and procedure, types of store procedure auto increment, find 2nd highest salary ect.

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I answered all most all the question, but in management round which was final round they rejected me.

Can u describe what type of coding que were asked during technical test?

Third Round : 1. Program for Identity matrix. 2. Program for Merge Sort.

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Why you want to join NAROLA?

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All questions about data connectivity and basic c# fundamentals as well as on mvc, ajax and jquery.

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After that System round : There was application based program.

Second Round : 1. Program for swapping of two variables without using third variable. 2. Program for finding min no. from an array without sorting and max no. from an array.

in system test i got programs on inheritance, polymorphism topic and 2 programs on web application

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