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Customer Service Representative -4 was asked...9 August 2014

The most difficult part of the testing phase is the CSR Response Testing because you had many options to choose from. Some may be borderline correct and some were pretty evident.

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No, you have to pass all test in order to be considered for panel interview

How often do they hire for the CSR position?

They usually hire in the spring and early fall, twice a year

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Simple Questions were asked .The interviewer was so nice to me. First of all, he asked me to introduce myself, then the questions he asked was Q1.What is SQl Injection? Q2.How SQL injection can be prevented? Q3.What is DOM? Q4.What is cross site scripting and how it can be prevented? Q5.What is Restful Webservice? Q6.How delete operation can be performed using Restful webservice? Q7.What is ajax? Q8.How ajax functions? Each and every question ha asked was depending on the answer of the previous question. At last he asked me to write a program for all the number from 1 to 100 ,all the number that are divisble by 3 print 'FIZZ' ,all those number divisible by 5 print 'BUZZ' for thoose number divisible by both 3 and 5 print 'FIZZBUZZ' for other print the number itself (just find the mod and use if loop)

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For others you can search in internet Hope this would help some one to pass interview Less


What does community service mean to you, and why is it important?

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To me community service is providing essential services in the community to people in need in a way that shows respect and compassion for the people you serve Less

United States Navy Reserves

Why do you want to serve as an officer rather that an enlisted sailor?

1 Answers

I want to lead men and women. I believe that as a naval officer, I can positively impact the lives of my sailors and I will be in a better position to serve the needs of the Navy. Less


Houve perguntas em geral Desde que o operador de produção 4 exerce até expectativa contato a empresa e o cargo

1 Answers

O operador de produção 4 além de ser os olhos do Superior na sua ausência visa a necessidade não só do colaborador mas também da linha de produção assim mantendo um equilíbrio para ambas as partes mantendo o rendimento Less


Given a fixture of teams, and a dataset with probability of win of each team against the other, find the most probable winner

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Sounds like graph search I find this website aonecode very helpful. They provide one-to-one training from Google/FB senior engineers. You can ask questions and choose topics you like to learn. Less


Design rate limiter Microservices design questions Coding questions My project discussions etc

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I did okay in the interviews.

Millar Western

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

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experience with difficult situation with parents and students

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continuously documenting abnormal issues or situations notifying my administration of issues and plans to solve issues Less

Wallem Group

knowledge of marpol in detail?

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Marpol 73/78 Annex 1 - Oil Annex 2 - harmful substances Annex 3 - sewage Annex 4 - gas Annex 5 - air Less

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