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He looked blank for any technology selection criteria I described... he was not aware of legal issues in asking public to register, he didn't understand LDAP, no sso, no why facebook, linkedin, Google logins... he felt comfortable when I said I will use db.! Mongo db or vertical scaling vs horizontal scaling bounced right off his comprehension. Javascript mv frameworks issues with ie 8 or older versions bounced again... so much for technical architecture discussion.!

Interview Candidate on 13-Jun-2016

Pl check RUP defn of architect that is far more detailed and concisely defines deliverables. Your link is pathetic. Can I use any terms from your link with any customers? Or even with technical team? Answer is no. Looks like some ms employee was thinking out aloud about what architect should be and they put that on msdn.
Either way did interviewer think I was not aware of layered architecture etc? I had already mentioned REST web services. He could have asked how I am going to architect that part.
Anyway, I am only asking high energy individuals to keep away from Phillips. Phillips can still see positive in their center by comparing it against outsourcing to services companies both in cost and productivity.

interviewee on 28-Jun-2016

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