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National Iranian Oil Co.
Board Operator was asked...10 August 2019

Some questions about chemical engineering

1 Answers

Due to I road in university


Where do you see yourself going in the radio business?

1 Answers

I haven't figured it out yet.

Salem Media Group

What duties have you performed in your previous radio jobs?

1 Answers

Board Op, On-air Host, Producer, Affiliate Relations Director, Promotions, Engineering Dept Staff. Less


Asked me my strengths and weaknesses.

1 Answers

I believe I said my strengths were my motivation and my desire to work in sports. That would help me do the best job I can at Sirius. I think I also mentioned I'm easy to work with as another strength. My weakness was that I don't have much experience. If you say something like this just spin it as you hope to gain more experience and knowledge in sports radio. Less

Volt Information Sciences

Tell me about a difficult decision at your last radio station.

1 Answers

Whether to "knuckle under" to the station owner's wish that no non-Church of Christ related closings be mentioned during a city wide sleet storm. I explained that it was an FCC violation to do so and proceeded to read all closings as they became available to me as the operator in charge. Less

What I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to be in the next five years. Those were the questions. I also was asked if I was okay with the long commute. I told them that it wasn't a problem and that I could it.

1 Answers

I told them that in five years I still wanted to work for Binnie. Again, the long commute wasn't an issue and I enjoyed the ride every weekend. It did become an issue over time but overall I enjoyed my time there and I wish the company all the best. Less


Part of the interview was in Czech and part in German and very few questions in English because German and English are the languages which are used in the switch board of the company. Because the interviewers had allready my CV they don´t ask about my previous jobs experience and knowledges but about the reason I applie for the position and mostly how many hours per week I can work for the company (because it was for part-time job). The last question was about my salary expectation. The interview took some minutes. It was not long. There were me and my two (future) bosses.

1 Answers

I told the truth.

Tell me about your radio experience.

1 Answers

I just gave them a quick summary of my radio history.

Have you had any broadcasting experience ?

1 Answers

No I don’t have any experience in radio , but I do learn pretty fast.

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