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CAE was asked...24 September 2012

Will you get bored with this as you have never been an agent and there is no travel or out of office responsibilities.

2 Answers

I always answer this one with my standard reponse. Only boring people get bored. And I personally would be thankful to NOT have to travel Less

I did that and am ready to just go to work and not travel

Detroit Engineered Products

Not difficult but detailed and specific. Unexpected question was on SOM, which I did not mention in my resume.

2 Answers

On the whole, it was a technical interview. Answer the questions as specifically as you can. Be prepared with your projects beforehand. Have through knowledge of your projects mentioned in Resume. Awaiting reply from the company. Less

How to apply for this company? Suggestions?


Interviewer asked me to sell him a pen. I should have won an award my response was so freaking brilliant!

2 Answers

care to elaborate?

I Said it was a magic pen that writes in any language. I did write in German and Spanish. Less


1.What would you do if a customer wants to cancel services with Comcast?

2 Answers

Address the customer(s) with empathy and sympathy voice. Suggested I can give the 1 month of free Starz/HBO movie channels (in order to save customer from disconnecting/cancel services with Comcast. Check to see how long customer(s) has service with Comcast and see if I can apply any discounts to customer(s) account. Less

Your mom

Zuti Engineering Solutions

basic fem questions

1 Answers

Learn bro!

DSI Technologies

What are types of elements? Why is midsurface extraction done?

1 Answers

Elements: a) 2D- Tria, Quard (single, or 2nd order) b)3D- Tetra, Brick (single or 2nd order) a). Shell Structural:- SHELL 63, SHELL 93 (93 does not support CTOP & CBOT features) 2. Solid Structural:- SOLID 45 (single order), solid92 (2nd order) Midsurface: When third dimension of component is fairly high as compare to other two dimension (I section beam), meshing with a shell element is a best option. For meshing with shell element we required to take mid surfaces. Some times either outside surface/inner surface itself is sufficient depends upon the connectivity you needed with other element. Than you just mesh it with shell element and provide thickness to it. 2. Less

Tata Technologies

What is your greatest strength.?

1 Answers

Being a test engineer

Tata Technologies

Brief about your best project.

1 Answers

Answer Clearly

Tata Technologies

basics of automotive cooling systems, HR related questions

1 Answers

I answered it thoroughly as i prepared before going to interview

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