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Tell me about yourself?

5 Answers

Bro even I attended the same interview that day . I didn't get any confirmation from them post gd. Have u got the offer letter ?

yeah even me attended on the same day, even i didnt get any mail after gd , did anyone get ??

It's been a month for today , did anyone get offerletter from infor

why do u want to join this company for a data entry profile after, even a ninth class student can do this job and you will get nothing to learn here.

4 Answers

Basic aptitude and technical questions.

3 Answers

How long you plan to work

2 Answers

you have a knowledge of computer then did you know about medicare insurance ?

1 Answer

4 persons, A,B,C,D. One bridge. One torch. 2 people can walk across at one time and one of them must have a torch with them. A takes 10 mins to cross, B-8min, C-3min, D-1min. Calculate min. time.

3 Answers

The last round HR discussion : The HR congratulated me saying that I am shortlisted and there won't be any further rounds and will get back to over call or mail.

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Discuss of salery

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First of all the most important thing for the position I applied for was my typing skills and word accuracy.They gave me certain paragraphs and asked me to type them.The machine was calculating my speed and work accuracy

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Tell us about your self

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