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The Education Center
Editorial Consultant was asked...20 February 2017

Q: Our company creates lesson plans for elementary school students. In order to gage your ability to connect with this demographic, I am going to ask you some questions and you are going to respond to this puppet.

3 Answers

You know, I appreciate the time and energy that went into arranging this meeting but I don't think I am a fit for this environment. Less

I used to work for that company for almost 10 years. While they might be an interesting group of people I don't think I would have ever leveled the term "faith-based" or "obviously christian" at them. Maybe the interviewee should spend less time concerning themselves with the beliefs of other people. Less

One of the absolute worst places I have ever worked. You are mistreated, harrassed, etc and it is all swept under the rug and then they lay you off without warning. This place is responsible for my health problems brought on by the stress I endured for nearly ten years. I don't see how there would have been christians conducting interviews when none of the management or upper level staff have any type of compassion for anyone outside of their circle. Less

Hachette Book Group

What's the most recent book you've read?

3 Answers

I made sure to explain why I liked it too

If your answer isn't one of their books, is it a good idea to be prepared with two answers? (Your "real" answer and the most recent one published by one of their imprints?) Shows you are familiar with the industry, that you've done your research, and hopefully that you have a genuine interest in the job. Less

I think, at least for this question, it's fine either way. Definitely doesn't hurt. The book I answered with wasn't one of their books, but elsewhere in the interview I had the chance to show that I knew about the industry and the imprint (especially if/when they ask why you want to work for a specific imprint). Less


what publications do you read?

2 Answers

You should probably say that you are an avid fan of their company.

Can you explain the 10 page assignment they gave you in more detail? What did they ask you to do? Less

Oxford University Press

What are some differences between American and British English?

2 Answers

What would you change about Oxford Dictionaries?

American versus British "biscuits" (the British ones are "cookies" in American English). Many British words spelled with an "ou" combination like labour and colour are spelled with only an "o" in American English (i.e. labor and color). American English does not include rhyming slang like the Cockney dialect "dicky bird" which means "word." Less


None, since they are that kind of company that would pick you for another round, and then not bother to inform you whether you made it through or not.

2 Answers

Considering previous experience with WordAppeal - an application a year previously, and a conversation during an employent forum at my university - I got the impression that they do have a serious HR problem. Less

When I used to work there it was the same. Revolving door of staff, no follow up on interviews, tests, CVs...sounds likes they should hire an "HR champion", or whatever on-trend word they're using these days... Less


Quelle est votre mobilité géographique ?

2 Answers

Mobilité : attention danger, la vraie question serait « combien de déménagements seriez vous prêts à accepter sans contreparties en moins de 2 ans » ? Less

Personne n’est contraint à une mutation, la mobilité (choix du magasin) et donc la mutation sont choisis par le cadre concerné. Les frais engendrés sont pris en chargent par l’entreprise. Less

Oxford University Press

Tell me about a time when you were faced with conflicting priorities. How did you determine the top priority? (rough wording)

2 Answers

Criticism can always be useful and constructive, so I try and learn from it and take it on board. I think that any process can become better from multiple eyes as sometimes you can be too close to something from working on it and can't see an issue or mistake, so it is helpful for others to point out observations that you can learn from. Less

I was interviewed for the same position btw


What's you favorite BuzzFeed video/ series and why do you think it went viral?

2 Answers

Really think of a deep meaning for this. Some videos go viral cause they break barriers or because thy are relateable. Less

Hey I applied to buzzfeed legal internship and I wanted to know how can I get in contact with them for a follow up. Their email info isn't exactly out there in public. -Thank you Less

Hindawi Publishing

describe a difficult & stressful day that almost everything was about to be ruined & you were able to handle and fix it

1 Answers


Springer Nature

Did you research Springer Nature?

2 Answers

Described the different departments as I understood them, but they clearly wanted applicants to extensively know about the company Less

I had the same experience. They were extremely rude to me. I actually had to hang up on the interviewer and I have never had to do that. Less

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