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iProcess Online
Payroll/Human Resources Administrative/Accountant was asked...28 March 2019

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

2 Answers

I don't have much experience with payroll.

I have 4 year experience


Asked about my experience and the ability to stay during payroll deadlines, until work was done.

1 Answers

I have a lot of experience processing payroll and have a understand the importance of staying until a job is done, especially to meet deadlines. Less

Brink's, Incorporated

Have you ever taken anything from your previous employer even a pencil?

1 Answers


EPAM Systems

When you do not meet deadline during your reporting what do you do?

1 Answers

I answered as an example of my previous working place, that when I did not meet deadline I contacted my line manager and agreed with him that report would be sent next day. Less


What are some challenges you have over come.

1 Answers

Basically talked about problems I encountered and how I resolved them.

Robert Half

They wanted me to actually become a recruiter for them. Mostly wanted to know how I get along with people in general.

1 Answers

I get along with everyone.

Brink's, Incorporated

Are you available for full time work

1 Answers



Take me through a typical work day.

1 Answers

My days are not fully scheduled like many accountants. I explained many of the projects/calculations I work on throughout the year. Less

Wishpond Technologies

Tell me about a mistake you made and how you fixed it?

1 Answers

I told a story about how I made a mistake and how I fixed it ASAP, and how I made sure that mistake wouldn't happen again. Less

Procore Technologies

How did you hear about Procore?

1 Answers

I discovered Procore on my morning commutes to Santa Barbara. I would notice the building facing the Pacific Ocean and the signage "Procore". I researched the company on and read the great reviews from the employees. Less

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