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Pilot was asked...4 March 2012

Are you willing to fly cargo at night

7 Answers

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Yes sir I have flown cargo for last 10 years and have no issues with night flying Less

Very laid back interview

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Singapore Airlines

The main question is to test your passion to fly. When you provide your answers, they will test it to ensure you are not lying. Each answer will be tested.

4 Answers

Hi, my interview will be within August, can we talk more about the interview ^^

this is my 1st interview

After you failed how did you reapply it again?

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American Jet International

Are you addicted to smiles?

4 Answers




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Singapore Airlines

What is the physical difference between Airbus and Boeing aircraft

3 Answers

The main unique difference between Airbus and Boeing aircraft is the nose of the aircraft. Boeing's nose is pointy while the Airbus is rounded and bulbous. Less

The difference between an Airbus and Boeing features is that most Airbus aircraft models have winglets on their Wings, while Boeing less winglets. Airbus winglets normally are triangle-shaped while Boeing's winglet looks like a fin. Less

Nose shape, and design philosophy which is clearly stated in the FCTMs. Airbus has a sidestick, Boeing has a yoke. Less

Leviate Air Group

No questions asked! I sat quietly listening to the Chief Pilot and owner have a jovial conversation between themselves while I waited wondering when this interview was going to begin?

3 Answers

The only thing I managed to get out of my mouth was “HEY! IS THAT IT?” when the ZOOM screen went blank and neither owner or Chief Pilot ever mentioned the phases “Thank you, nice to meet you.” Less

For what airplane? I was "interviewed" Aug. 4 for a PIC position in DAL. Before I jump in, I'd like to know more. Thanks. Less

XL in KDAL... Good Luck to you on this position if hired! Wish you the best...

Textron Systems

Have you looked into any other subsidiaries that are owned by Textron?

3 Answers

I have not.



Disney Parks

Describe what qualities you have that would make you a good candidate for this job?

3 Answers

Technically oriented, monorails are sort of iconic and I have great memories of Disney, am really interested in the opportunities to visit the park. Less

How long did the process take beginning to end?

More than a week less than a month. 3 weeks?

Singapore Airlines

Principle of Flight

2 Answers

Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s third Law of inertia

Differences between airbus and boeing aircrafts

Singapore Airlines

What to do in duo engine failure scenerio

2 Answers

Why do you want to be a pilot

For dual engine failure, the appropriate course of action would be to determine •Altitude •TAS and IAS •Location After determining these three, what you would have to do would be to contact the closest airport, while your Co-Pilot would pave the Cabin crew, advising them of the situation, and telling them to prepare the cabin for a highly likely ditching/evacuation. While your Co-Pilot is doing this, see the closest airport and your distance from it. If it’s within reachable distance, radio out to the airport using the appropriate frequency, and then inform them in this format - Flight Number - Airplane Model - Nature of emergency - Request - Souls on board - ETA After this, set squak 7700 Activate the RAT, and APU (only at suitable height to give power needed) If you could land safely, do all possible means to land safely on the runway If not, prepare cabin for Ditching, follow FCOM or airline SOPs for proper procedures on handling ditching Always remember, ditching should always be a last resort, after all appropriate means have been tried. Less

General Mills

I was asked about leadership experiences and How I gave feedback to my co workers.

2 Answers

I answered that I gave positive feedbacks and I used assertive language to diffuse defensive co workers. Less

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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