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  • Merry Birthday and a happy next year!

    Merry Birthday and a happy next year

    Uploaded by TeamComputersChannel on 2018-06-19.

  • Cheers and welcome aboard!

    For the starters at Team, this season

    'It was joy, it was fun, it was seasons in the Sun' (literally!) The New Joinees Meet at Team is always a memorable day for all. So, it was, this time too!

  • Spirited Deepak - there's a lot of life-force in him!

    t:eam spirit - Deepak Bajaj. We admire a strong passion, at Team.

    At Team Computers, we can't have enough of coming across people who display the incredible power of passion for life. Whether it's the passion to learn to do their jobs well; or a spirited obsession to pursue a dream. Deepak Bajaj here tells his story.

  • One happy day in April, with the new joinees.

    New Joiners Meet, April 2018

    They are new to Team. We all got together, had loads of fun and prepared them to reach for the stars. Spring was in the air!

  • Nandini, our over-achiever. Don't stop!

    Heroes at Team Computers - Nandini Narayanan

    She is an odd mixture of confidence, being upfront and yet, reticent about herself. Performing well at work, has taken her to work harder and be more sincere than the rest of us. Read on, about the fears she deals with and the tremendous backup her mother-in-law gives her.

  • Leaders and Followers. Part 5

    Leaders and Followers. Part 5, Ranjan Chopra

    Dealing with 'upsets'. It is usually a bane to our growth, existence. Ranjan Chopra tells us how he deals with it.

  • Thoughts on Leadership, Part 4. Storytelling - Ranjan Chopra.

    Leaders and Followers, Part 4. Storytelling - Ranjan Chopra.

    Setting the context right, for any job to succeed, is an absolute must. Ranjan Chopra chooses storytelling as one of the strongest means to do so. Works for him!

  • Heroes at Team Computers - Meenakshi Verma Tripathi

    Happy Women's Day - Team Computers

    Meenakshi does a great job of what is called Change Management for Google. She looks like she belongs here, doesn't she? She actually doesn't. She works for Team Computers, but you'll be surprised to learn about what she is actually going to do...

  • Leaders and Followers. Part 3

  • Leaders and Followers. Part 2

    Think Like a Leader Part 2, Ranjan Chopra

    The primary task of a leader is to design goals and assign them. Verify thereafter and help the follower achieve goals. Ranjan Chopra says it here quite simply.

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