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How to implement security between ASP.NET and SQL server


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Windows Authentication

Interview Candidate on 18-Mar-2012

One way is to use a port number other than default port 1433 or a port determined at system startup for named instances. You can use SQL Server Configuration Manager to set the port for all IP addresses listed in the TCP/IP Properties dialog box. Be sure to delete any value for the TCP Dynamic Ports property for each IP address. You might want to disable the SQL Server Browser service as well or at least hide the SQL Server instance so that the Browser service doesn't reveal it to any applications that inquire which ports the server is listening to. (One reason to not disable it would be if you have multiple instances of SQL Server on the host because it "maps" connections to instances.) You can hide an instance in the properties page for the instance's protocol, although this just means that SQL Server won't respond when queried by client applications looking for a list of SQL Server machines. Making these kinds of changes is security by obscurity, which is arguably not very secure and shouldn't be your only security measure. But they do place speed bumps in the path of attackers trying to find an instance of SQL Server to attack.

j33v on 13-Jan-2013

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