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Audio Engineer/Assistant Music Producer was asked...12 June 2017

On a rainy day, If there was only one vehicle available would you use that to pick a passenger or deliver the food.

3 Answers

Will explain the passenger the situation and request him that we will deliver the food together and then drop him to the destination. Less

Along. The way customer van have some food

If i cab driver, I pickup the passenger. If I delivery boy, I used to deliver the food. What is my actual job? Less

Why are you not married yet?

2 Answers

first sibblings then I.

Because i have to learn more and earn more

India Today

Why do you want to do broadcast journalism? What is your news ethics? Can you work under pressure?

1 Answers

Because I believe visual narration of news is the most powerful way of communicating information. It stays longer in the mind of people and evokes action from people. Less

Zee Media Corporation

Write political debate script

1 Answers



Describe a time when you've worked with a difficult person/situation

1 Answers

Tip here: Don't slag anyone off. I was careful to put my colleague's bad behaviour down to a difficult situation/clash of personal work ethics etc. You don't want to come across as negative or bitchy. Less


Describe how you'd run a project from beginning to end.

1 Answers

Tip: Mention audience research, budget management and team brainstorms - and describe the process in a linear way. Less

Quill Films

What are your top 3 favorite movies? What are your interest's in working at QUILL FILMS? What position do you ultimately see yourself doing? How long have you been interested in film. What productions have you worked on? What is your background in film production? This was awhile ago, I can't fully remember!

1 Answers

The Shining, The Thing and JAWS. I found your website online and loved the work you guys are doing and want to be apart of it! I ultimately want to produce. My entire life! Mainly commercial work. I watched movies with my dad growing up and always wanted to be in film. Less

Dubai International Film Festival

Why did you apply for this job? Where do you see yourself in fiver years from now? And how are you looking to grow with this company?

2 Answers

I was very keen be a member of an outstanding staff that is rich in experence and talent, and for my own good i could benefit a lot from by learning and observing them. i see myself starting or on the verge of starting my own production company. To be as qualified as the staff here and blending my own talents with the originality the company brings. Less

I have been worked at gouna film festival and Disney show and other events as a producer so I have experience to work at this event for sure inshallah Less

Farmers Insurance Group

She asked the usual "I'm going to google interview questions to ask them" they have poor planning skills.

1 Answers

Run from Farmers!

Walt Disney Company

Relevant Experience. Career Ambitions. Respect for work of company. Respect for work of business unit. Personal business philosophy.

1 Answers


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