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Python Automation QA was asked...18 February 2022

1. What is pep8? 2. How to check internet connectivity. Write with unitest framework and add logging methods 3. Check broken links in a webpage 4. How to handle random dynamic alerts. 5. What is while writing a module? 6. Write pgm to find prime numbers using list comprehension to handle frames in selenium.


Q1) Find longest palindrome subsequence in a string Q2) Find maximum consecutive repeating letter and length in a string Q3) 1 Puzzle Question Q4) Test cases of creating calculator Q5) Find sum of digits of a Number Q6) Define Class and Object and write code example for it Q7) Some managerial questions Some questions are there, i actually don't remember

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about selenium , python basics , regression test


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write a program to print occurance if character using dictionary comphersion


write a program to swap 2 numbers without out 3rd variable


write a program to count occurance of each character

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Q1. Sort python list containing duplicate elements using python inbuilt functions Q2. In the above question, now print the list elements in the order of frequency(repetition). For example list=[1 ,1, 1 , 2, 3, 3 ,4]. Output should be : 1, 3, 2, 4 Q3. How would you find locators in appium for mobile testing. Q4. Why do you use JIRA if you can log defects in HP QC as well.

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