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Crossover for Work
Automation Engineer (Python) was asked...27 August 2018

A unit testing problem was the last question.

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I didn't attempted that because that seemed a lot of work and I was not prepared for applying this post.. and for that I believe they didn't accept me on the next stage. Less

I would like to know where is the location of this cross over company in Bangladesh. How much they will pay. I have already applied for one post. Plz let me know ASAP. Less


About multithreading

1 Answers


OrCam Technologies

1. Get string aaabbccccd. print output a3b2c4d1 2. Design DB for films that consist from 6000 frames. Divide each film to ~6 parts. Each film need to be checked, tested and to know if the whole film was checked 3. File and string manipulation. get file. Find inside some string

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1. For loop 2. One table with: film index, clip index, sent, checked 3. Regular expression Less

Explain Python3 programming concepts in details

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Explained via programming examples one after the other.


Online Test - MCQ's and 2 Programs should be solved within given time(1hr). It should be cleared with a good score. Technical Round 1 - Group Interview with 3 panelists. One would check the functional testing skills, another person would check the Automation and selenium skillset, one more person would check the logical and tricky questions in Python and PyTest. Few programs were also asked to write on the scenario basis. Technical Round 2 - Group Interview with 2 panelists (Python Developers). They would ask on the Python concepts first and then they would analyze the programming skills by asking some programs and logics for that. They are expecting Time Complexity and Data Structures as well.

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I answered whatever I knew and wrote program. I lagged in another program and Data Structures in the second round. So, I got rejected there. Less


Basic to moderate python

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what are the questions they have asked ??????/

NewPage Solutions

Explain fixtures in python? How do you work with them in the automation framework?

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pytest fixtures are functions attached to the tests which run before the test function is executed. Fixtures are a set of resources that have to be set up before and cleaned up once the Selenium test automation execution is completed. Less

HCL Technologies

Here is a series of execrcise. We will judge you on the results of the exercise even though they do not reflect in any way you potential for this Job. we have many people in the pipeline and you are mostly just a filler to make the process look busy: please respond.

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I respectfully remove myself from this interview. You're tests a red flag alert telling me you are looking for a submissive person which I am not. Less

What's your experience with automation?


I attended only 1st technical round which has more questions related to Python and programs. Based on Command Line Arguments, Letter Case change, Private methods, Generators, etc., Interviewer was expecting a proper code and syntax. Very deep knowledge(100% accurate answers) on each topic. Not only testing on logic building and problem solving skills.

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I answered all questions and programs with my knowledge.

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