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Quotient, Inc.
Capture/Proposal Manager was asked...22 July 2015

Please write a cover letter that you would include in a proposal. What types of issues have you dealt with in the past and how did you address them? Have you lost proposals, and if so, why?

1 Answers

I provided a cover letter which passed muster. As an independent consultant for the last year and a half, I have seen multiple issues related to proposals. I try to stay as calm as possible to let people see that we can complete a quality proposal within the timeline specified. I have a good win rate for winning proposals because I am very selective about the teams that I work with. Most of my proposal losses are due to the pricing strategy, which I do not provide. Less

Strategy and Management Services

How can you handle managing a capture and proposal development (multiple) at the same time.

1 Answers

By prioritizing, delegating tasks that I personally didn't need to do and effective time management. Less

C3 Systems

My experience in the federal business development process and strength in building relationships.

1 Answers

I excel in diversifying Small Business portfolio's to enter new markets and succeed withing those markets. Less

Lockheed Martin

What role you played in your spot team?

1 Answers

Don't play sport games

TISTA Science and Technology

What opportunities do you see for growth within the healthcare IT space?

1 Answers

Applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning for tackling complex health care challenges across federal and state government. Less

TISTA Science and Technology

How do you want to grow professionally?

1 Answers

Being pro-active, assuming leadership responsibility, and improving knowledge base on emerging IT solutions to improve health care delivery. Less

Iron Mountain

A few "What would you do if ...", but not difficult.

1 Answers

Situational answers

Chenega MIOS

Did I understand the Shipley process?

1 Answers

Yes - especially as it relates to the color review cycle.

Booz Allen Hamilton

All the questions were work related hypothetical questions without "correct" answers.

1 Answers

Typically I framed my answer within the context of the hypothetical, made contextual assumptions based on the limited amount of information provided and answered the question based on my own experience/expertise in the field. After several of these types of questions, I used them as a platform to ask the interviewer specific questions about the position and explore how BAH operates and the role of this specific organization within the company. Less

Raytheon Technologies

Who do you know at a particular agency that can help us get business?

1 Answers

I am very familiar with this agency and have been to a number of their offices but do not yet know any of the decision makers in this particular area. I am certain that I can establish relationships with these folks in order to get us noticed and improve our chances of winning bids. Less

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