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Concrete Strategies
Construction Administrator was asked...16 October 2017

What was my experience in the industry? What did I do exactly as far as contracts, etc.

3 Answers

I also dealt with the contractors and making sure that they New what actions I was going to take and making sure that they were happy as well Less

I explained in brief detail my experience, the programs I worked with, and my role with contracts. Less

Well I have 21 years of experience in heavy equipment operating all types of machines I have experience in laboring installing sewer main line Watermain line storm etc. 12 of the 17 years I was a@h septic and excavation I was a superintendent/operator/labor I would bid jobs and make sure that we are on track or on budget with each job and that the employees Had whatever they needed for each job and that they Were on time and on schedule for each job submitted hours and ran equipment Less

Parkhill Smith & Cooper

I don't remember a particular question but I do remember being told that they don't want me to work a lot of overtime. They prefer to keep your hours below 45 hours per week.

2 Answers

I do remember liking hearing that because my former company wanted to work you as many hours as you could and did not pay overtime. Less

I would work straight time ,I dont care, I need the career and to prove I am as good a worker as I say. Less

Describe the qualities you don't appreciate about yourself.

1 Answers

I was honest and admitted that I struggle with punctuality, perfectionism, and work and personal life balance. Less


How do I feel that I fit into this position

1 Answers

Since I come from the other side of the Loan ( I came from the developer's side). I have a different perspective. Less

Columbia University

Tell me about what you've worked on....

1 Answers

Briefly recapped my resume, pointing out experience that was in sync with the job listing. Less


General interview questions pertaining to my job experience and qualifications that I had that would fit the position they were fulfilling.

1 Answers

I gave a brief description on my experience and past skill set.

Capital Impact Partners

Describe what DEI means to you in the workplace.

1 Answers

I enjoy with diverse teams, and I'm glad inclusion squares with the purpose of this role, which is adding to housing stock in underserved areas. Less


When managing people in the field how did you manage someone who was very difficult?

1 Answers

I put myself in their shoes and was honest with them on what I would do and what was expected of them. Less


What would your former supervisor say about you?

1 Answers

I was one of the best employees he had ever had the pleasure of supervising. He was my biggest champion and was very saddened to see me leave. Less


What do you eventually want to be?

1 Answers

Vice President of Creative

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