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Edison engineering development program Interview Questions


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A lot of emphasis on my coursework and Dual Degree Project. Most of the discussion revolved around the DDP and adjacent fields. Apart from the technical details the interviewer curious about the impact that the project would finally create. This, as I understand now, is a requirement for the profile we're hired into. Some guys had two rounds of technical interviews but in my case the interviewer after one round had made it very clear that I had got the job. I later understood that most of the people had two rounds and very few had a single round.

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Steer the discussion toward your strengths. The interviewers are generally very friendly, but don't bluff them as most of them are individuals who occupy engineering leadership roles at GE's Bangalore Center. Be prepared to do some math on a paper, I was asked to formulate some of the stuff I was talking about my DDP. If you don't know something it is better to shut up than speculate.

Tell me something out of the box thing which you did and got some results ?

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You are technically sound and passionate for technology, then why don't you go for a PhD?

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What's your btech project and explain it?

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what are the difference between analog and digital signal? what are the application of analog signals? tell me one device which will take analog signal and perform operation on that and generates outputs? What are your area of interests?

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Basic numerical techniques, gas dynamics, dissertation work for masters degree

Why should i hire you? What are your strengths and weakness? Why are you interested in GE? Have you even been in stressful situations and how did you handle it?

Graduate degree or industrial experience? which one makes a better candidate?