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Given three arrays . Find the elements which are present on atleast two arrays and its complexity

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result = set() a=[1,2,3,4] b=[4,5,6,7] c=[3,4,8,9, 1] all=copy(a) for item in b: if item in all: result.add(item) else: all.append(item) for item in c: if item in all: result.add(item) else: all.append(item) print result Time Complexity is O(max(a,b,c))

One question on find the repeating element from.three arrays.

what is the difference between html5 and previous version...? what is css?

How would I plan the yearly learning hours and what would be the manpower required to cater this, but jf management agrees on two hrs per person per year

How OLS is influenced by auto correlation problem in data.

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About my experience in Learning and performance management system

Why do you want to work with us? If not us, then who? How do you measure the effectiveness of Training? How relevant are you to this organisation?

Interviewer asked classic hypothetical questions (single car seat and 1 of 3 people to accommodate..) to judge my competence for the job.

1. why you want to quit your present job 2. what motivates you to come for an interview at ZS

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