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Mechanical design engineer Interview Questions


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Can you be able to stand in the workshop and be able to handle a team of workers and solve if any problem arises at that very instant with enough confidence in yourself and make firm decisions?

2 Answers

yes , I can do this task with confidence and maximum efficiency

Yes i have handled around 12 driver in my precious work experience in a Transportation & logistic company & also i have gained the confidence how to motivate our employees & make them work for their maximum efficiency Thankyou

need to join tomorrow are you ready?

5 Answers

what is the use of fillet in design?

3 Answers

What if you are not selected

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ask about my previous working experience

2 Answers

They asked basic Design Questions like Views.They asked to derive some derivations. about five Problems we were asked to solve..

2 Answers

GE interviewers will always stick to the basics and fundamentals.

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About GD &T

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salary want?

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Why you choose this industry ?

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