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Mechanical engineer Interview Questions


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need to join tomorrow are you ready?

11 Answers


Yes sir

Yes sir

Why water is not used as refrigerant?

5 Answers

Can you be able to stand in the workshop and be able to handle a team of workers and solve if any problem arises at that very instant with enough confidence in yourself and make firm decisions?

2 Answers

Are you ready joing in chennai location

4 Answers

The Group Discussion and subsequently the Personal Interview will take place in June/July 2018.

4 Answers

In 5 years where you want to see yourself

3 Answers

what is the use of fillet in design?

3 Answers

What are your weaknesses?

3 Answers

They asked about the technical knowledge.. basic technical knowledge.

3 Answers

What if you are not selected

4 Answers
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